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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buddy's big rescue attempt and new stuff I got finished this week

You probably remember this little poodle, "Buddy" I inherited him, when my parents both passed away last year.  He is very spoiled, doesn't get along with other dogs, especially my dog Belle.  Now Belle, is old, at least 14 years old .  She is completely deaf and has cataracts on both eyes, so she can't see very well.  She is not getting around very well anymore, I am trying to work up the courage to take her to the vet to have her put to sleep. She struggles getting up, and I hate for her to suffer.  We have an inground pool, that is about 30 feet in length, and twice now she has fell into the pool, once my daughters dog accidentally pushed her in and another times, she fell in on her own.  But today, I was at the computer, and Buddy keep barking at the back door, I was frustrated, because he kept at it, I finally said FINE you are going outside and staying there, but imagine my shock when I opened the door and saw Belle in the pool, frantically trying to stay afloat and grab on to side, I rushed out and pulled her out, luckily she was okay.  But if it weren't for Buddy, I wonder is I would have found her when I did. I am afraid to leave the house now for any length of time, incase it happens again.  We have a cat door, that dogs and cats go out.

This is Belle, she is so frail looking now.  But seems to perk up at night and want petted, so don't know what to do.

Here are a few of the things I have gotten done this week.  These little elves took me several days to get them done, but glad I finished them. I would like to find some little hammers to go in their hands. I like to display these on a 4 foot ladder at my shows.

Next, I was able to get 6 of the Prairie doll Angels finished, used up some of the fabric stash I had on these. 
Made their bags from an old quilt. They have no legs and the dress is long.


  1. I love your belle. As dogs get older they get so much cuter and more precious to us.

  2. I love the elves, they are so cute! Maybe
    the heat is getting to Belle, if she is
    perking up at night. Maybe she jumped into
    the pool to cool off and then got scared.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Ahh, Buddy to the rescue, great finishes, those elves are adorable.

  4. how can I buy one of your prairie dolls - they are beautiful!!!

  5. Great job Buddy! I think Belle is precious I dread when my Abby gets old, they are like children.

    I love the elves!


  6. Dogs can be so like people sometimes. It's hard to belive that unless you own one yourself. I love your new creations. Those Elves would be perfect on a ladder. Your dolls are so prim looking. They should sell like crazy girl!
    Enjoy your day,

  7. I love your elves and I have always loved the Pioneer style dolls.
    People that don't have dogs or don't want one don't know what they are missing out on do they.
    We had a blind dog a few years back and she fell into ditch that was to put electric into the garage and my 2 American Eskimos did the same thing and were standing by the trench barking. It was only 18" deep but little poodle coldn't see how to get out. I called the power co and told them what happened and they said to fill it more accidents.
    I wonder all the time what would happen to my dogs if anything happened to us. Maggie and Calli stick very close together and I would never want them seperated and our 1 A E "Annie" has epilepsey and then Bianca gets upset real always know that NO one would ever love them like you do.
    I hate it when I see ads to give dogs away because the owner died..why can't a relative take them sad.
    Good Dog are a hero in my eyes :)

  8. Oh my word Sandy! You are probably right, if Buddy hadn't been barking like crazy, you might not have found Belle. I love how human-like dogs can be. That is a wonderful story, so glad it had a happy ending!

    Love what you've been working on. Those prairie dolls are very sweet, I love the long dress!

  9. Sounds like Buddy has earned his spot in the family. Poor Belle, what a distressful day for her but lucky for her that Buddy was watching out for her. Furbabies definitely have a special spot in our hearts.

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