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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day and Becky's Visit

I wasn't sure how Mothers day was going to turn out this year.  This was the second year, she hasn't been here, but last year, I was kept busy taking care of my dad.  Brought back some sad memories, little did we know he only had 3 more months to live, and most of that was in the hospital. But all in all it turned out to be a great weekend.

My friend Becky was in town, this weekend, she brought an apron she made for her mother in law. It looks really pretty in person.  She used all vintage colors on the apron.  She is planning on making some for my 
upcoming shows this year. 


Becky also got a little teary eyed over Belle, and sat down and loved on her for awhile.  Belle loved it.  Don't know how much longer Belle will be with us. I am hoping Becky will be coming again in a few weeks and staying with her dad again.We are planning on her  staying at the house one night, so we can craft, quilt and have some girl fun.

My daughter, Samantha, took me out to the new Chinese restaurant in town yesterday for Mother's day, and then her and her boyfriend Chris came over today and swam.  They brought the dogs and all had a good time in the pool..  Hubby was thrilled someone was using the pool, he put it in.  He put in this pool all by himself with a kit.  The yard was torn up something awful while he was working on it.  the pool is about 30ft. long and we live in town, so we don't have much of a backyard anymore.

Buddy went for a reluctant swim.

Their little doberman pincher loves the water.

Hurley did not want to be in the pool at all. But they all got wet and played and had fun.

Well, hope to post some pictures tomorrow.  I actually got up the nerve to use the jigsaw and cut out a scarecrow from a Country Thoughts by Jody pattern, I love it.  So am thinking maybe it is time to make some wood patterns.


  1. What a cute apron! I love aprons... Your pool looks just beautiful, makes ya want to jump in...if it wasn't so cold where we are right now! LOL I'd love to see you start designing wood patterns too, they are not that easy to find and are gettin more popular again. Love Jodi Gadoury stuff, wish some were smaller without having to re-size them.
    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day :)

  2. I'm so glad you a had a nice Mother's Day. Unfortunately it was really chilly up here in New Jersey this weekend and we had a really bad windstorm basically the entire weekend. Mom and I got out on Sat to buy some plants but we actually had to bring them inside on Sunday because they were calling for frost! And then I see your pool pics....JEALOUS!!!! LOL

    Mother's Day was hard on mom this year, losing my Grandmother last June...this was our first year without her too.

    Glad to see Belle got some special attention this weekend!! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I can't believe your pool is open already! It'll be another month before we can open ours. Your hubby did a great job putting that in by himself, looks great!