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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sad Weekend and bad weather

Well, my daughter moved out Saturday, I tried not to cry, really I did, but couldn't help it.  When I think it will never be the same, I get teary eyed.  Why can't they stay little, why do they have to grow up.  She borrowed a friend's truck and moved out in a couple of hours.  She was so excited, I tried to keep a stiff upper lip for her, but it was so hard.  To make matters worse, she broke up with her boyfriend, was really sorry to that happen.  Now all the dating starts over again with new guys, I can't screen them now like I use to. At least right now I am dog sitting during the day,so I know I will get see her every day when she pickes him up.  I even miss that darn dog.  She so lovable, even though she chews up everything.

We had some really bad weather here the other day, 2 tornadoes touched down. I was at Winn Dixie at the time and heard everyone say, look outside, it looked like it was midnight (It was about 2:00 in the afternoon), it got so dark and started  raining hard.  By the time I had gotten home, the tornadoes had already touched down, luckily several blocks away.  I went and called Samantha to make sure she wasn't out driving, luckily she had just gotten back to the dealership before it started storming so bad.Samantha and I went out after the storms had passed and looked around town, there was alot street flooding. The picture above is on the main highway.  They had one lane closed off, it was up to the front bumper going through it. They wouldn't realize the kids from the schools till after 4:00 because of the weather and flooding.

Traffic was really backed up, took quite awhile to get through town.

The Creek that runs behind our house, we live in town, was almost overflowing, normally the water is only about ankle deep, but it was over 5ft and flowing that day. We have an inground pool, and this is the first time it had every overflowed, because the back yard slopes and usually runs off into the creek.

Well, I almost have a couple of new patterns ready. Hope to have one finished tomorrow to show you all.  Keep me in thoughts as I go through empty nest syndrome. I keep telling my daughter one day she will understand. But she thinks it is silly to worry about her.  But us Mom's know we won't every stop worrying.


  1. Gosh, I feel for you Sandy...I remember when my children left. They just don't understand how a Mom NEVER stops worrying about her children. I will say, it does get better, not the worrying part but being in an empty nest. It's kinda nice to have the house with just me and hubby again!! LOL!!

  2. It is heartwrenching! I remember feeling this exact same way...even though she moved in with her boyfriend...just across town, I thought I would never see her again. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with I have with was great the day my daughter told me how much she missed coming upstairs to tell me about her nightly adventures...and laughing with me. Sorry to read about all the flooding...WOW!

  3. I feel sad for you honey. I know my baby will be moving out one day soon and I'm not so sure I won't have to move with him. I'm sure it will get easier over time.

    I hope you don't have anymore flooding. That creek sure doesn't need to overflow into your back yard. Keep your eye on it.

    Sending hugs your way,

  4. I'm a Mom too and I sure know how you are feeling three fold.....all 3 of my children are gone...My oldest son is married, my middle son has an apartment not to far away but my daughter who is 22 lives in GA and we live in MA. I hope your daughter didn't move to is so hard when they leave....but once the tears stop you can pat yourself on the back for giving her the wings to fly on her own.

  5. I am thinking about you Sandy....I feel for you, reading your post made me sad. I have two young girls and can't even fathom that time in my life, but I also know how fast time flies and how quickly life changes. Stay close to her and keep yourself busy! Hope your feeling better!

  6. I have 6 children ranging from 13-2 years. Listening to Trace Adkins as I write ...I know I will miss these days.
    We are getting hammered here in SW MN again. 40-50 mph gusts and a little bit of snow gives us a ground blizzard and no school. Good time to get my mind on some crafting and my scrapbooks caught up.
    Glad your safe! Our tornado weather is just around the corner...we have had severe weather as early as late March. Some of my kids are frightened about having to head to the basement.

  7. My daughter and son just moved back in , they are 22 and 26 years old never fear ..they WILL be back ..

  8. Sandy,
    I know exactly how you feel. I cried the day my oldest moved DD out on her own years ago...and again when my youngest DD moved out last January...and again on this past Christmas morning when there was no kids at home to unwrap gift early in the morning. It did get easier as time went by...but you are so right that as their mom, we will always worry about them.

    Glad you are all safe from the bad weather you have had. Tornados really frighten me...we had one years ago that leveled the town next to ours.

    Take care,

  9. My children are in their thirties and whenever the weather is bad, or I hear something in the news or the wind happens to blow out of the north, south, east or west, I worry! =( It's really hard. If I had a daughter I imagine it would be worse. I can't help much here except to say I understand how much your are suffering right now! *hug*

  10. Hi Sandy! really had alot of rain. Hope you are staying high and dry. Take Care and know that you are being thought of my lots of other Mom's. I have to agree with several of the is nice to be with your hubby again...but it takes awhile to get to that place. Glad that you will be day sitting Hurley...and I am sure that he is too! Lots of hugs to you! Donna,

  11. WOW what horrible weather!!!! You and your daughter seem so close that although you're not in the same house I think you two will still be together just as much if not more. I think I spend more time with my mom, going out to stores and stuff than I did when I still lived at home. She's just trying out those wings of hers but she'll still need her momma plenty!! :)

  12. wow,looks like north florida had some bad weather. we didn't get any of that down here in polk co. some rain that's about it. at least your daughter is close by,mine's in kentucky. i remember when she left the first time. cried almost all day. then she came home and left again . y SIL is active military. that explains it all. believe me she'll still need her mommy.

  13. Hey Sandy, Well we have both lost our babies now, but at least she is right down the road. Thought about you this weekend knowing she was moving but didn't want to bother you, knew you needed some alone time and to adjust a little and that Becky was up there too. But just get that room re arranged like you were looking forward to and try to keep busy as you always tell me! LOL! Yes I know, it will never be the same, hasn't been for me either since Celena moved last year but guess all of us mom's have to go through it sooner or later, and it does hurt for sure. But you know I am ALWAYS here for YOU! Mailed the doll to you today... miss ya, feel for you and love ya, Carmen

  14. Oh I feel your son is 18 and I am already dreading him leaving to go to college this fall. Its nice she isnt too far away and that you get to see her alot. Hang in there....they keep telling me it gets better!