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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Doll "Miz' Ruby"

I have been working, keeping my mind off my child not being here, but I have to say it is a little easier than I thought.  She has been by everyday so far, and keeping her dog is also nice, she has been asking me to go to the vets and Walmart trips with her.  So I guess, it is not the end of the world, like I had thought it would be.

I am stressing trying to get things made for the Country Sampler deadline which is Saturday. I made up a new doll, I am going to call her Miz Ruby.  Pattern will be available shortly.  I went ahead and purchased a commercial license from Ewe 'n' printables, so now I can legally sell the finished bags on my website and through my ad.  It is hard believe that this is the June/July issue they are currently working, in a month, I will need to have my new fall items there. Doesn't seem there is even a spring or summer in designing for me anymore, I work through December for my shows and then before I know it is time for the holiday issues.

I am redecorating Samantha's old room, but I did tell her, she can come home anytime she wants. I am turning it into my craft room. I have so much stuff, I really need to sort it out and get some shelving.  But that will keep me busy for a while. 
Well, back to work and thanks for all the encouraging comments about my empty nest. Hope to have more new items shortly to share with you.


  1. I love the name of your new doll! Fits her perfectly! I always look in the background, to see where you've taken each picture! I used to be able to see my house in the background when you took them outside!

  2. She is so cute!!! love the name. congrats on your new crafting space.

  3. I love her and can't wait to order the pattern. I remember when my first baby girl left the nest, its very hard, but its gets harder when the last one leaves. I had 3 so each time one left, it broke my heart. But then one day you wake up and you think I'm going to be alright with this. Because you know that God only gave them to you for a little while and now its his turn to guide and direct them. You just have to keep praying so that you keep your whits about not interferring in there life and that is the hard part. Hang in there. Sure love all of your new creations. Have a blessed day.

  4. She is lovely...I especially like the fabric for the apron! Congrats on the craftroom...when my daughter left, my son took over her room downstairs, leaving me with a spare upstairs that I kept for my mother-in-laws visits. Good luck with your ad! I remember you from Country Marketplace and think I have at least one of your many patterns here somewhere...the raggedies in a bucket I believe. Glad your daughter is still coming by makes the absence that much easier to deal with.

  5. Love this doll and the feed sack look, she is wonderful.


  6. Ohh....I LOVE Miz Ruby (my dog's name, too) and cannot wait to order the pattern. (I always love your patterns so it's no surprise lol)

  7. Cute doll.. where did you find the apron fabric?? Oh, my home phone issue may be resolved by Friday so no more watching the cell deaL... this way I won't have to upgrade my plan back to where it was and can still talk for free to your home phone.. call when you can and will tell all. Blessings, Carmen

  8. your new doll is so wonderful! I didnt know you were in country sampler? I am new to your site but will watch for you in my favorite magazine.

    My sons are growing up so fast as well. My oldest is 19 and when he moves out I will ball like a baby I am sure.


  9. I LOVE Miz Ruby!!! Great doll! Also love the background you used to take her photo!!

    The Krazy Kraft Lady

  10. I love Miz Ruby too! I know I could definitely find a spot in my home for her. Lol!

    I'm glad things are working out well with your daughter!

    I didn't realize you made things for CS. I'll have to look for your ad in the next issue. I'm sure it's lots of work, but sounds like it would be really neat too!

    Have a delightful week~