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Monday, January 18, 2010

Carmen's visit and what we got done

Well, Carmen and her hubby came to visit and stayed about 4 days.  We had a nice visit,exchanged some ideas.  We managed to get some crafting done.  We made some of the pin cushions from a patttern by Rock River Stitches.  I finally managed to do the gussett.  I never had bought a pattern with a gussett and was kind of hesitant about buying it, but am so glad I did.  We several finished and hope to get more made soon. It was nice to have someone to craft with and share ideas with.  She came  up a new pattern while here and will have it ready soon.
We, also made a doll pattern by Angel and the Crow.  I added legs to mine, but love the way she turned out.  I have included a picture of both of our dolls, one with legs and one without.  This is a definite pattern to make for your upcoming shows, so easy and simple to do.

With Carmen's hubby help, my daughter should be moving out this weekend.  They were able to get some doors hung and lots of painting done.  She is anxious, I am little nervous as she will be living by herself, with her big dog.  She said she finally is feeling like it is hers, she has bought new furniture, redecorated the kitchen and added pictures and rugs. It is definitely coming along.
Well, I should have a free pattern to share with you all tomorrow night and the new Snowball pattern will also be ready to tomorrow night.


  1. Ah, I am LOVING all you and Carmen are doing! The doll is wonderful! I adore face-less dolls and collect amish dolls for that reason. I like it both ways-- with legs and without. I would probably make some of each just because I can't decide! =]

    Have a delightful day~

  2. I just love the new creations that you and Carmen have created! Will you be selling any of the pin keeps already made? If so I would love to get one! Kathy from myprimplace

  3. The pincushions are FABULOUS!!! I love them so much but have been hesitant because of the gusset..I also LOVE the dolls..both with legs and without. I also love Carmen's site and patterns...will definitely have to shop there too! I cannot wait to see what you both come up with next!!!
    As an empty nester of four will get easier!

  4. You two did such a wonderful job!!

  5. Awesome to have friends like that, isn't it :-)

  6. Hi Sandy! I just discovered your blog and love what you and Carmen made! I have a doll pattern waiting for me to get going on so maybe yours will inspire me to just do it!lol I wanted to let you know I feel what you are going through with your daughter moving out! I only have one child 20 year old daughter who moved out as well. I won't kid you it's hard the first 6months!(ok it's still hard after a year!lol) BUT being able to check on her via cell text messages is the only thing that got me through especially just before going to bed! At least your daughter has her dog to keep her company and protect her! I tell myself I raised an independent woman and I have to let her fly now! So after all that're not alone!!!lol Sincerely, Jeannette

  7. Wonderful pin cushions, I love her patterns. It is fun to have someone to work on projects, with. My daughter is living on her own this year, we worry no matter how old they are.


  8. love your dolls! can't wait for your freebie pattern. i love your patterns. i have bought several.

  9. I love your new pincushions, Sandy! I can't wait to see them in person this weekend! You need to leave one or two out, so I can check them out when I come over. Hopefully I'll have the bag holder with me, to give to Sami for her new house! I've been working on it this week, I'm trying something different, but I'll only show it to you, if it turns out like I'm hoping! Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!


  10. Cute dolls, love your pincushions also!