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Friday, January 15, 2010

Epattern available for New Snowman and tarts


I have been working on Christmas Items again, can't seem to stay away from that season.  But the deadlines for the holidays issues will be coming up again in a few months, so I had better get busy.  This pattern will be available on the blog in a day or so as an epattern. This snowman I am going to call Snowpal.  This is another easy pattern to do.  The Winter Wonderland is now available as an e-pattern or mailed version, on the side of my blog.  I have also updated my website with new graphics and added the new patterns to it.  So please let me know what you think of the new graphics. I sat down and drew out several new patterns the other night, and you guess it, most are Christmas and I have a few scarecrows in the works also.
My Friend Carmen and her hubby are coming down today, they will be spending the night, her hubby is going to hang some doors and other things in my daughter's new house.  She informed me today that she is going to moved in by next weekend.  I am nervous about that, but guess they have to grow up.
I am working on getting my new fragrances for my tarts. I am going to package them in 2 oz. oval containers with a lid.  These are plastic and should protect them more.  The soy wax is so soft, that when I have them at show they get smelled, then tossed around and sometimes they chip and just don't look pretty anymore. So I am working on a label to stick on the top.  I used to sell  ( 2) 1 oz. tarts in a bag for $1.00, so these will be going for $1.00 each.

But I have gotten some new scents, I am anxious to try. I am renaming some of them,just to see if the name does actually aid in selling them.
Amish Friendship: The Olde  Doughbowl
MacInrtosh Apple:  Fresh Apple Harvest
Crannberry Apple Marmalade: The Cranberry Cupboard
Warm Apple Pie:  Mom's apple pie
Apple dumplings:  Granny's apple dumplin's
Country Bumpkin:  Country bumpkin
Sweet Potato Spice: Mabels' sweet tater pie
Cornbread:  Granny's cornbread
Sugar Corn Pudding:  Sugar corn puddin'
Banana nut bread: Nana's nut bread
Sweet Pumpkin Spice: harvest Blessings
Creamy praline pecan: Creamy praline pecan
Sugar Cookies:  The Olde cookie jar
Amish quilt: is going to be The Olde Country Cupboard
Carrot cake: Carrot Cake
Oatmeal raisin cookies:
Some I am still trying to figure out if I want to rename them or not.  But I hope the packaging will make it easier to store them during shows.
Well, I had better get something started for dinner, Carmen should be hear some.  Hoping we can get some craftin' done while she is here.


  1. Ohhh, another one!!!!! Yippee!!!
    Snowpal would led itself well to having Christmas cards put into his pocket!!!!

  2. Snowpal is really cute and more snowmen...YEAH!!! So many things could be put into his are so clever and your imagination is amazing! I know you are dreading your daughter moving, however, she will still be close enough and will drop in often...especially at dinnertime! Hang in there..."None of us knows what the new year will bring, but we know Jesus is with us"!
    Have fun this weekend with Carmen! Take Care and God Bless! Donna,

  3. What a great snowman! You did a wonderful job!!

  4. That is adorable, what a cute little pocket! Loving it!

  5. I was behind on reading the blog and as always, lots of inspiration! I had to go back a few to catch up, loved seeing your home..I too still have the craft room mess to tackle! Absolutley loved the picture of your cat in the bowl! My cat has a bed on top of my desk so she can watch me work at the computer.
    Love the new snowmen patterns, bet Snow Pal will be a big hit!