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Thursday, December 10, 2009

more stuff

Well, I will have enough to buy my daughter a new couch, thanks to all you ladies. I have a few more items if anyone is interested. If you have any problems, with any thing you purchase from me, please let me know. If it arrives damaged or crushed,please contact me and I will refund or replace if I can.

Sorry these are sold
I had 2 Christmas feedsack pillows left that I could find.  These are $5.00 or both for $8.00 plus shipping of $5.00.  One is for Reindeer food,and other looks like a flour sack.

Sorry both of these are sold
I have to kraft Journals that I put an Annie on front on.  These have the lined paper inside to write on.
Journals are $3.95 plus $2.95 shipping.

Sorry these are sold
I have 3 mini Journals left , these are $2.00 each plus $1.50 to ship.

sorry these have a home now
next up are two dolls that my friend Carmen from Little Country blessings made.  She is asking $16.00 for each plus $4.95 shipping.  Faces are done with colored pencils and they are about 23".

Sorry these are sold
I found 2 little mice in baby shoes, I am asking $6.00 for set of 2 plus $4.95 shipping.

I know it not fall any more, but had two feedsack pillows left, these are stuffed with sawdust shaving and chips. I am asking $8.00 for the set of 2 with $5.00 shipping.

Sorry these are sold
I have 2 bags of rag balls left.  These are the real rag balls, I rolled these myself from scraps.  These are kind of heavy and contain about 12 balls in each bag.  I am asking $5.00 a bag plus $5.00 shipping.

Sorry these are sold
I found 4 more of these, I thought I had put all the ornaments together, but found these guys sitting in another crate.  I am asking $4.00 each or all for $12.00. Shipping will be $2.95.

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  1. Hi Sandy, I got the bowl and the doll so
    far...I thought I would stop by to tell ya
    to come by soon, I am having a give away
    and only have a few days to sign up. Come
    sign up...Good Luck and I love what I won
    from you! Thanks so much!

    Bear Hugs~Karen