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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More stuff to sale

These are now sold
I have one set of the blackened beeswax Santa ornaments left.  they are about 5" high. I am selling a set of 4 for $10.00 plus 4.95 shipping.

I have about 5 sets of rusty bottle cap ornaments/tags left.  I am selling these for 10 tags for $8.00. Most are Santas and few angels.  Shipping will $2.95 on these.

I have one set these left, they are miniature candleabras.  They hold little birthday size candles.  I am selling both of these for $8.00 for the set and $4.95 shipping.

Sorry these are sold
I have one of this set left, same size as previous but with jute bow and greenery.  These are $8.00 for the set and 4.95 shipping.

This grouping include 1 candleabra lamp, 3 mini candle holders. I am selling these for $12.00 for the whole set plus $4.95 shipping.

I have 13 of these candy canes left, I selling them all together for $12.00 plus $4.95 shipping.

These are sold
i have 4 of  the Santa mouse on a jar lid left.  They are about 6" high and hold list and wreath.
I am selling these for $5.00 each plus $4.95 shipping.

These are sold
I have 5 of the little beeswax lights left. These are $10.00 for all five. Plus $4.95 shipping.

Sorry these are sold
I have 6 of these left, they are packaged in a little zip bag.  They have the poem and icicle.  All 6 for $5.00 plus $3.00 shipping.

Sorry these are all sold now.
I have 2 of the little trees on the dowel left. they are $4.00 each plus 1.95 shipping

Sorry these are sold
I found 2 more little Angel ornaments and 1 cat ornaments.  These are in alot for $10.00 plus $4.95 shipping.

Sorry this is sold
I found 1 more these in the back of my trailer.  This is $19.95 plus 6.95 shipping.
Approx. 12-14" long and 5" wide with candle light in center.

Sorry these are sold
I found 2 little more orphan cats, these are $6.00 for both plus $4.95 shipping.

I have 3 sets of these left,  Reindeer Poo, Elf Sweat and  Pilgrims pie. I am selling these in a lot price of $10.00 plus 6.00 shipping, these are heavy to ship.

I am offering a set of 7 room sprays for 18.95 plus $8.95 shipping .You will get harvet spice,
'cozy christmas, Pilgrim's pie,Monkey farts, Amish Friendship, Reindeer Pooh and another Cozy Christmas.
Some of the labels are little wrinkled due to setting in the cold trailer. But most are in good shape for display.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful response to my online sale.  I have almost enough to buy a couch for my daughter when she moves out next month and breaks my heart.


  1. I would love to buy the set of the minature candleabra with the jute and greenery. Can you invoice me if these are still available? Thank you!


  2. HI,
    thanks so much,
    just sent you an invoice.