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Sunday, December 13, 2009

the last items for sale this year

Well, I finally got in my shed and cleaned my craft room somewhat, hopefully Carmen is coming tomorrow. so had to get my craft room,where she sleeps, haveway cleaned up and make a path to the bed in there.
But I found a few more items, I think I have actually gotten rid of most of everything that I had left. 
So here is what I found if anyone is interested just email me at
thanks for looking.

I found 4 canning jar light strands..  There are 6 light covers on  each 20 strand light strand.
These I am selling for $10.95 each plus $4.95 shipping.

2 wagons available
I found another box of 4 of these little wagons, they are small but so cute.  The inside probably measures about 6" x 10".  They are nice size to sit a santa or little packages in.  these are $14.95 plus $7.95.

Sorry these are sold
I have a set of 4 dresses left, the larger ones are about 23" long and 2 smaller ones about 12"-14".
These in a putting in lot for $10.00 plus $4.95 shippng for all.

Sorry these are sold
I have 4 little santa keys left, this magic key unlooks the door for santa to come in.  All 4 for 4.00 plus $2.50 shipping.

Sorry he is sold
I have one little mousie left sitting on a wood reproduction spice sized box.  He is holding his cracker, which is made from wax.  the little mouse is about 4" tall.  This little guy is $5.00 plus 3.50 shipping.

Sorry set is sold
In this lot you will get 1 longjohn, a santa ornament and  the little reindeer ornament that I used an model
for the freebie reindeer head pattern.  This lot is $10.00 plus shipping.

I will be listing 2 big giveaways tomorrow night.  So please check back and enter the giveaways.

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