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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more items

had several emails asking if I had anything else.   this is what I found: So if you see anything you like just drop me an email at:

This has been sold
this is made from one of our You are Special patterns. it is light box with Raggedy Ann and friend. It is made in a reproduction sewing machine drawer.  It has candlelight in the center and they are holding a quilted heart.This box sells for $19.95 plus 8.00 shipping.

Sorry this has been sold
This is the model from our 432 pattern Letters to Santa. He is 16.95 plus $8.00 shipping.
the wreath is approx. 14".

these have been sold
I have 1 of these left  to sell, I was going to do an arrangement in them, but ran out of time. they are small wagons, perfect for Santa's.  The bed is approx. 6" x 10 inside diameter. Cute little wagons, I have one under my tree to hold packages, or will have when I know the dog won't chew on it.  These little wagons are $14.95 plus 7.95 shipping.

Sorry this has been sold

this is a stocking hanger approx. 18" long that holds 3 stockings made from an old quilt. I have filled it with sweet Annie.  There is a little sign on one corner that reads "The stockings were hung".This set sells for $16.95 plus $6.95 shipping.

I have 2 of these that again I was going to use with my Santas, these are a little bigger, they are about 24" long and the box set up on top of sled.  These I sell for $14.95 plus 8.95 shipping.

sorry this item is sold
here is another little grouping of ornaments. Stocking is about 9" long.  this group sells for $12.00 plus $4.95 for shipping.


Sorry this has been sold
this elf head was made using our #403 Elf Wreath pattern.  He is about 10" high and has a hanger on back or you can attach him to a wreath. He is more cutesy than prim.  He is $8.95 plus 4.95 shipping.

sorry this has been sold
This is a light box made from our #284 Christmas blessings pattern from our You are special pattern line. this is made in a wood box, holds a Santa and snowman and candle light.  about 12" long.  This sells for
$19.95 plus 6.95 shipping.

These are sold
I have a little set of muslin drawstring bags, perfect for tarts, candles or gift giving.  They are about 4" x 6".  The whole set is $4.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Sorry this has been sold
I have 3 of these little guys left, I must sold over 50 of these.  These are $3.50 each plus $1.00 shipping.

Remember just drop me an email at

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  1. What size are the little red stockings with the mice on top! They are SO sweet! I'll check back here later if you want to answer in a comment here.