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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hi Everyone,

We have done 2 shows now. We just did our favorite, as it is only one-day, but what a day. This is probably the best one day show there is around. It didn't disappoint us this year, it was great. the Weather was perfect, they had been predicting record highs, but some how a cool front came through, and it stayed a little cloudy with a cool breeze. This shows officially starts at 8:00, but people start showing up anywhere between 6:00 am - 6:30, with flashlights in hand. You look out in the street and see a herd of flashlights coming toward you. Our cash register is in the back of tent, so we have a lantern set up for those early morning sales. We have to hang lanterns from hooks in the tents, so people can see to shop. I was so glad to have my daughter help this year. I think she missed us a lot more than she thought she would, while we were away at the War Eagle show. She didn't want to miss going and helping at this show. I know I was glad she was there, she did the cash register for me.

This show is so different from some of my others in the fact that primitive does so much better here. My room sprays and tarts are the number one selling items here. Dolls, come in after that. Everyone remarked on how good my booth smelled. Even men came back and purchased the sprays after wanting to know which one was sprayed. But it was kind of hard to pinpoint just one , I think everyone had been sampled and it was a combination of all of them.

So, sales were definitely not down here, people came to buy. Most were cash sales, not too many credit card sales.

Picture of our booth, we had our cash register set up back through the opening.

closeup of some of the red work and stitchery pillows my daughter did for me.

Some of my raggedys, these sold great.

My Thanksgiving wreaths and tarts.

Closeup of my dolls, these are the Sarah dolls, the smaller ones, I shrunk the pattern down for the smaller version.

The sign leading into MacIntosh, sorry it is a little blurry. We tried to take it through the car window.

My husband took a picture of the crowd of people trying to get into our booth. I love shows like these.

This is a shot of one of the streets about mid-day.

They have some really pretty old houses and churches in this area. We are set up in the streets with the historic houses, sitting behind the booths. They close off the streets. I don't know what the people who live in the houses do, if they have to go somewhere that day. You can't get out the driveways.

One of my favorite booths, this is where I get my bobbins, he has all kinds of neat antiques and stuff.

This is one of our fellow crafters, Laurie Larson . She and her daughter Danielle Pique have a booth filled with wreaths and Glass blocks lights. They upgraded to a double booth this year and did great. Below is a picture of her mom with some of their creations.

Below is a picture of Danielle, she is standing by her Halloween block lights. They do a great job and are so friendly. I will be seeing her next week at the Micanopy Fall Festival, but as a shopper, I want to go do some holiday shopping at this show.

next I met a fellow blogger, Lee Ann Hinson, I saw her dolls and fell in love with them, I was writing a check out for the purchase and it was so funny, she saw my check and said let me see that and saw my business name and said how she read my blog and purchased my patterns. She was a pleasure to talk to and her booth was terrific. Could have bought so much from her.

Her painting and woodwork was fantastic.

Look at her little witch cat. this was so cute.

but my all time favorite was her dolls, I bought 3 of them.

She had a booth full of Halloween stuff, no imports here, all hand done and wonderful.

Some of her Christmas Items.

So all in all, this was a great show and weather was great, crowds were great. Hope the rest
of the season is this good.

On another note, My Friend Carmen is in the hospital, for about 2 weeks now. She ended up getting an abcess on her spine and had to be taken to an Atlanta hospital for surgery, she had to go in a helicopter. She had the surgery and is doing much better. She is so ready to get out of their, she has two big shows coming up and can't work for either of them. So please say a prayer for her. She is kind of down in the dumps this, this is her favorite time of year, and she was so looking forward to going to the shows and doing her own. So if you would take time to visit her blog and leave her a comment.

Take care and I will hopefully get some more posted this week.


  1. Good for you, Sandy ~ I'm glad to hear you did so well.

  2. I'm glad you had such a great show Sandy. I know in your last post you said the forecast was to be rainy i think, so i'm glad it turned out nice!! You know i came across an old issue of Country Marketplace and it was an issue that had a profile on you. It's so nice to see a crafter/designer stay around!!!! I'm always in awe of your creations and visit the blog and sites many times a week for inspiration!

  3. We crafters do love a great show...especially a one day show. Proud for you. This show looks very interesting. Have you ever done the Canton Flea Market in Canton, MS? It is a great one day show in Oct. and May. Of course, the Fall show is better. Great crowd this year.

  4. In one of the first pictures you have some skinny trees in a bowl. Where did you get the skinny trees?

  5. You are definitly a HUGE inspiration to all of us crafters! :) Your pictures of your shows are always so beautiful...very inspiring! It all looks fantastic! I am glad that you had a really good show, it has been slow here for me in next one is in December. Again, everything looks great and I am glad it was alot of fun for you!

  6. Wow Im loving your pics! We dont have any shows like that here....they are all inside so that kind of show is all new to me! I bet it is so neat to see them coming with glashlights so early!! Great job love the raggedy dolls!

  7. Good for you. I bought your patterns since I was living in PR, and their are awesome.Everything looks great!

  8. So glad you had a great show. It sounds alot like the Sauerkraut Festival here in Ohio. It is my best show and really draws the crowds...and they come early there also with flashlights.

  9. Glad you had a great show! That gives me inspiration as I have a couple coming up myself!

  10. Love your work! Just wanted to comment that you forgot to list Lee Anne Hinson's name with her photos. (She's my little sister, so I have to stick up for her.) I know she loves using your patterns and is a big fan of your work. Also, our Mom, Marie Rosner, does the painted wood pieces. Both have been crafting for years. I was able to attend the MacIntosh show last year and it was great! Very sorry to have missed it this year. :)