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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

War Eagle Show

Well, we are back. We left last Tuesday and had a great trip. It took us over 20 hours to get there. So we had to stop the first night instead of driving straight through like we had planned, we just got too tired. We had an exciting moment on the interstate in Alabama. While we driving along, a car passed us with two police cars chasing it, then the next thing we knew, 3 more police cars came zooming past. All of a sudden they got in front of the car and on the side and brought the car to a stop. The Policemen all get out with guns drawn, know you have to understand, that our car was the first car in line when traffic got stopped. We were only about 30 feet away from this. So we see all the guns and are wondering do we just sit here or what. They men don't get out their car like they were ordered too, so there is kind of a stand off and then one comes out, then the police continue to hold their guns on the car and finally they get the other two out of the car. but it was kind of scary, we had visions of there being a gun battle and us stuck in front.

So we finally got to Arkansas and saw the mountains and the leaves changing. I have never seen the leaves changing, it was beautiful. We had cold weather down in the 30's with frost and highs in the 50's, so it was big difference from when we left the hot, humid 90's of Florida, just a few days ago.

This is the one way wooden bridge that comes one way, this can get kind of crowded with the pedestrians and traffic coming in both ways, they have men on both sides with walkie talkies.

The view of the River from the bridge.

A view from a nearby spot on the road to War Eagle.

Cars being parked in the back area.

Closeup view of the bridge.

This house sets on the the area across from the fair.

I love this building, it is the War Eagle Mill building, ithas a restaurant and gift shop area.

People getting in line to shop.

Another building in the fair area.

Tents lined up. There were 4 large circus tents and 1 building full of booths.

They had 2 more craft shows across the river, you had to walk across the one way bridge to get to them.

View of the tents in the fair.

View of one of the tents.

I have to say setting up my booth was very difficult at this show. I had too much stuff for an 8 ft x 13 ft. booth space. It took me awhile to get everything set up. I wasn't able to get it all out. Next year, I am planning on a different display and will have things a little better organized. Well, I know everyone wants to know how the show went. We did fairly well, well enough that we went ahead and turned in our application and money in for next years show. The crowds were pretty good, but a lot seemed cautious of how much they spent. You can tell the economy is still not good like it was, by the way people are buying now. We had mostly cash sales, which is good. This was an exhausting show for us, we spent 2 days getting there, and 4 days at the show, the first 3 were fairly busy, but Sunday was slow. We stayed Sunday night and got up at 5:00 in the morning and drove straight through, it took us until 4:00 in the morning to get home, we got stuck in traffic and construction. So next year, we are just going to take 2 days to drive home, it was too hard on my husband doing all the driving and pulling the trailer.

I have to share a couple of crafters booth with you, I absolutely love this lady's booth. She had the best scarecrows. I bought one of her larger ones. Her Scarecrows are great. Her name is
Brenda Chester (417-592-4491) or email if you want to contact her about a scarecrow. Her scarecrows wear bib overaalls and flannel shirts. They have a wooden stake for standing up in the yard. They are big, the one I bought is probably 5 feet tall, she also has some that are about 3 feet tall.

Next, I met a couple of ladies, I have to introduce you all too. This is Margaret, she is on the Primitive and Rustic board of the Delphi forums, she stopped by to say hello, with her daughter.
She is in the background. Very nice lady and it was great to meet her.

Next I met, Diane Dodd, she is a real sweet person. She had ordered some of my patterns and emailed me a couple of times. She shared some pictures of crafts she had made from some of my patterns and others. She does a great job. Thanks Diane for stopping by and chatting with me.

Next, I met Pam from the Wooden Nail, she is also on the Primitive and Rustic board, she didn't want me to take her picture, so I took some of her booth.

I love her snowmen, I purchase one her Wooden Santa's in old box with a prim tree. I love it. I will take a picture of it when I get the trailer unloaded. Her booth is so prim looking. I could have bought one of everything.

Well, thats about it for tonight. I have another show this weekend. Thank goodness, it is only a one day show. But a good show, I can make as much at this show in one day, than I do at some of my 3 day shows. The only bad thing, the forcast is showing maybe some thundershowers that day, so holding my breath to see what the weather brings. I will be adding some pics of that show also.


  1. You should have been a reporter or PR lady. Great photos of War Eagle. You covered everything. I've shopped there several times in the past. Being an exhibitor there (or at least one of the other many shows in that area the same weekend) is on my "bucket list". You know, things I want to do before I die.

    It's a small world. I too met Margaret (Maggie) and her daughter Kat after chatting with them in the Krafty Old Crow forum. They stopped by my booth at the BPW Barn Sale in Camden, AR. Nice ladies. Wish I had thought to have taken a picture.

  2. I'm glad the show went well for you. I was thinking of you this weekend - thank you for sharing pictures.

  3. I'm glad you did good and had a safe
    trip...My van quit on me after I left
    the airport, coming back! I want to come to
    this show, next year! Thanks for sharing
    your pictures with us.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Looks like such fun and hard work! Love all your items. I wish I was close enough, I would have done some major shopping!

  5. I've been checking every day to see if you posted an update about the show!! :) Sounds like it was a success and that you guys are "pooped" from all that driving!!! Great pics...thanks for sharing. Crossing my fingers you have good weather this weekend!!!

  6. Sounds like you had a great week at the War Eagle Show. I am looking forward to the show in McIntosch. I've never been to that one. I hope to see you there, if I do I will introduce myself to you. I live over in Jax, FL.
    Take care,

  7. Thanks for posting picures of the War Eagle show. I have been many times but missed it this year.