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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scarecrows in the making and new fabric

Hi everybody,

I had heard that Walmart had their Fall fabrics in and some of their Christmas fabrics, so went shopping today with my daughter, Samantha. She actually wanted to go, usually she goes the other way if I mention fabric shopping. She got a gallon of paint to repaint her room for the third time this year. Finally listening to what I wanted her to do in the first place, paint it off white, she first did the lime green, then the dark park, now back to normal I hope.
The Walmart I went to, did not have a great selection but they had some. Somehow, I managed to buy about 30 yards of these colors. They really had some pretty Fall fabrics, wanted more, but had to restrain myself.

The ad in Country Sampler is doing so well, I have been busy making scarecrows. I am in the process of making Preston, he is just the head, but ran out of raffia, so that was on the list today. I can now put hair on the bald heads. Still have to distress them a little more. But supposed to be sunny tomorrow. So try to get them ready for then.

This is what the finished version will look like when done.

Here a couple of techniques you might be interested in:

For candle jars: Cinnamon and water based polyurathane. First you will need to coat the jar with polyurethane then sprinkle ground cinnamon all over the jar.Set the jar out in the hot and let dry. glass!and non You can also use modge podge instead of the water based poly. If you want it to look like it has been baked , you will need to put a second coat on with the poly or modge podge, lastly sprinkle more dry cinnamon on.


½ apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup bleach
3 tablespoons of salt

Mix ingredient together in a container. Soak items that you want rusted in this solution until they have reached the desired look. This is great for rusting your safety pins and jingle bells. Lay them out and let dry thoroughtly. I like to do this on a real hot day.

When I do my bottlecap ornaments, instead of trying to rust them in the vinegar and bleach, I go to Walmart and buy the rust colored paint and spray paint them. So much easier than waiting for them to rust.


  1. Oh you are soooo lucky that your Walmart still continues to carry fabric. From what I can tell in your pic, you made out quite nicely with your stash! hehe. Ours stopped last November :( All we have left here in the middle of no-where-land is JoAnn's and they have such a poor selection!
    Your bald Preston looks just about as handsome as mine! LOL Bought your pattern way back when and just now getting around to bringing him to life! A super with all your patterns!!!
    Have a wonderful week and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised at the new paint job *wink*

  2. morning, Preston is so cute.
    thanks for the jar tip, I am going to try this.
    love bottlecaps, have to try with the spray.
    last night I stuffed your annie doll. Now to finish her. I think yours is better, but I do love the pattern. thanks
    peggy lee

  3. I wanted to add that we still have fabric at our Walmart but not as much as we had. But still a nice selection. Sorry for the bad typing on the last post, my kitten was sleeping on my arms and I was one handed.

  4. Thanks for posting more wonderful crafting tips. Blessings to you.

  5. Preston is just adorable. I am going to have to get my fall CS out look at him again!! You have done a great job on him.

  6. Preston is wondeful!!
    I love your new header!
    Thanks for the jar recipe!

  7. Preston is adorable!! Your new header is terrific. Our Walmart does not sell fabric, the Michael's in our area left 2 years ago and most of the fabric stores have moved. More people in the area and no where to get inspired. It is a real chore to get stuff, so you have to be prepared to get a bunch at once!!
    Thanks for the patterns and tips!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)