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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Scarecrows

Well, by the picture, you can see what I have been working on today. Scarecrows, this is from my Hank pattern that is featured in the newest Country Sampler issue. I have 10 bodies, three are now completely done and ready to be mailed tomorrow. I know I shouldn't advertise finished items this close to show time, but I did and now I am making a ton of scarecrows for orders. Orders have really picked up with this issue of the magazine, so hoping that is a good sign for the upcoming shows and such.
Right now, we are trying to find a trailer, it would be cheaper to buy one than to continue to rent a u-haul every year. That gets expensive and we could have one paid for with the rental prices in a just a couple of years. My husband is a Craig's list fan, so has been avidly looking for one on there. He recently bought a troy built chipper and loves to go outside and cut down the shrubs and chip them up.

Well, here is an update on my dad, he is still hanging in there. Grumpy and miserable a lot of the time, missing my mom and so tired of not feeling good. It is like they changed places. Before she died and she did was lay in the bed, now all he does is sit in his chair, and just like her, watches TV all the time. Says he doesn't feel like doing anything, has to have his oxygen hooked up alot of the time. But he is looking forward to his Doctor's appointment tomorrow. A friend is taking him down there, he wants to go out and eat afterwards and has his heart set on looking for a pool table at Sears. I don't know if he will ever use it, but he has always wanted one. So I guess, why not, it is only money. I would rather he get some enjoyment out of life, instead of brooding all the time. He did finally hire a lady to come to his house twice a week and house clean. She does a great job. He has always been messy, but now is much worse. Plus it gives him someone else to talk to, she has rearranged his living room and straightend alot of things up.
Tomorrow, hope to be doing some soap and making more beeswax items. Time is drawing close for the first show. Not enough hours in the day.


  1. Love your scarecrows - they look wonderful!

    I agree, if a pool table is going to give your dad a little enjoyment when he has been so sad, what's the harm. I hope it does the trick.

  2. Hey Sandy,
    That's great to hear things are picking up. Do you have much made for your upcoming show? Yes, you really should look for a cargo trailer. I have a small one but it is sure nice to have and when I am not using it I store many of my displays in it. Hope you find one.

    I agree with you and Neenee.. if your dad wants a pool table he should have it, maybe he will get out of his chair and away from the TV.

    Take Care..

  3. Your scarecrows are so cute. Good Luck on your upcoming shows. As for Dad anything that makes him happy.


  4. The scarecrows are great.

    I hope your dad finds his pool table. Maybe it will lift his spirits. Is there anywhere nearby where he can visit other seniors? It might help him to deal with his grief if he could find someone to talk to who has been through it too. He may not want to burden you with some of his feelings because he knows you are grieving too. I used to work with seniors, and I noticed that it is actually much harder for men to recover from the death of a spouse than it is for women. Sometimes men just need to talk to another widower to know that what they are feeling is normal and that they can work their way through the grief. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  5. Wonderful scarecrows! It is proabably a good thing that your father is wanting a pool table. It might be a great gathering place for friends & family!

  6. All of your stuff is fantastic!! I don't know how you find the time. I will keep your dad in my prayers. It must be really hard to take care of a parent and see them in that situation. I hope he finds a good pool table to brighten his day. Take care, Kim

  7. Your scarecrows are wonderful! Glad to hear that orders are picking up. I see from your side-bar that some of your shows are on the same weekend that I have mine here in Ohio. I sure hope that our having good on-line sells now is a sign of things to come during show season.
    So glad to hear the your dad is looking forward to going out to eat and to look at pool tables. I know that this must be a hard time for all of you and I will keep you in my prayers.

  8. I love your scarecrow!!! I am sorry to hear about your dad will say a prayer for him today.
    I hope you have a wonderful shows (s) :)