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Saturday, August 8, 2009

No crafting, puppy woes, and races

Well it has been a busy couple of days, I didn't get do any crafting at all. A friend called me and wanted to go fabric and craft shopping. Of course, I said YES. Apparently there has been a Hobby Lobby here for a couple of years and I didn't even know it. Well we went, and I spent way too much, so much Fall and Christmas out, I couldn't resist buying. Then we went to Joann's fabrics, luckily this is one of their bigger stores ,and Yes, I bought more fabric. We ate at the China buffet, one of the best chinese restuarants in our area. We ate way tooooo much again. Finally got to go to the new AC More store, but was very disappointed in it, won't go there again.But it was nice to get out for the day, Linda and I hardly ever get to spend much time together, and when we do get together it is always alot of fun.

The Puppy has turned into a monster, just like I told my daughter she would. Samantha named her puppy Hurley. She has grown so much, she almost the same size as my grown dog. She is like a horse running through the house. We have to make sure everything is put up, or you guessed it she chews it up. I found one of my mouse ornaments, without ears. Paintbrushes are chewed up,marking pens you name it if she can reach it, it's hers. But she finally really got in trouble when she chewed up a pair of my daughter's shoes. Not so funny now. Now we have discipline the dog, so she won't destroy the house.

My daughter put some peanut butter on her nose and she is trying to lick it off.

She was so little just a couple of months ago. She is hard to lift up anymore. She has learned she can jump on the bed and couch now without even trying. Nothing like an early morning bounce on top of you to wake up and a wet tongue and doggy breath in your face.

I spend today with my husband Todd, he was in a race. It started yesterday, they ran on the beach, then another location this morning downtown somewhere, and this afternoon they had their final race at the Jacksonville Landing. Poor Todd, he knew he was in trouble when the guy pushing the stroller, passed him at the first corner. He came in 3rd and 4th from the last in the his first two races. So he is hoping after they get the stats up for the third race, he will be up alittle further on the list, instead of near the very end in his age group. But at least he was able to run all three races and get his medal for finishing. I wish he had someone to run with, but I would be out of breath after a few steps. It was so hot out there today. It is amazing watching some of these guys in their 80's running and finishing the race. They are in better shape than I am.

Start of the race, he is in there somewhere.

The Jacksonville Landing ,Downtown Jacksonville Florida

Tomorrow, hopefully get some more crafting done, I have to finish up some scarecrows and get started on some more fall items. So hopefully have some more pics to share with you tomorrow and our next giveaway.

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