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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Made some Crows todays

I managed to get some Crow make do's done today. These are made from a pattern by Walnut Ridge Primitives. Very easy and fast to make up. I am able to get my bobbins at the MacIntosh show every year from an antique vendor and luckily he only charges $1.00 each, he always has the neatest things in his booth. I buy my wood crates from him also.

I have 5 more of this bagholder ready to sew up, they are all cut out and ready to sew. Just had time to finish this one. It is from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farms. I used a feedsack print from ewe and me printables.

Well, my dad hasn't found his pool table yet, they didn't have any in stock at the place he checked. But he is selling alot of things off, furniture and such, to make room for his pool table.
His doctor called him today and ask him to tell me to call her tomorrow. I am a little worried why she wants me to call her. My dad thinks she wants to put him back in the hospital to check him out. But he says no way am I going again. So I think the only way to get him back is when something major happens. But in a way I can't blame him. I would be sick of the hospital also.
So hoping his pool table will be something to look forward to for him. He has a nephew, who coming to visit him in September, so hopefully he will be well enough to visit with them. Well lots of pattern orders to get done. Back to work.


  1. Hey Sandy,
    Love the crows and the bag holder is so sweet. Your lucky to find the bobbins at such a great price!

    Hope nothing serious from the doctor. It's good your dad has something to look forward to, hope he finds his pool table soon.

  2. Great job on the crows and bag holder!!
    You are so lucky to be able to get your bobbins at such a great price!!! They are very hard to find in this area and when you do come across one they want $12 for them.

  3. Oh your crows are just so cute and I love the bag holder, but then I love all Maureen's patterns!! So much imagination there!!

    Yes, hope all is ok with your Dad!


  4. Love the Crows, and holder, wonderful job. enjoy your work, oh everyone loves the santa and crow I got from you it's the main talk when people come over.

    Peggy Lee

  5. Great job on the crows & the bag holder. I am believeing with you about your father. It sounds like he is ready to move on with life. hope that he finds his pool table.

  6. All of your creations are so much fun...great that you get the bobbins for such a great price, can't even find any around here!!