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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elf heads, tree and stockings

Well, today was supposed to been one of those days where I got alot accomplished, but you guessed it. I had several other things I had to do first, and next thing I knew it was time to start dinner. I had to go down to my dads to meet with nurse, they are discontinuing the nurse coming to the house and took out his pickline today. So I guess, we will have to take him to hospital once a week to get his blood checked. Then his hemotologist called and told him he needed to admit himself to the hospital, he was still anemic. He refused to go, so I guess we will see how it all works out.
I had planned on having my elf wreaths finished. I managed to get 5 heads done, 2 still need hats. I have to stain and distress them tomorrow. The striped fabric is some that I found at Joann's Fabric years ago for a $1.00 a yard on the clearance table, and of course I don't have much left, so may have to change the color of their hats.

What the finished wreaths will look like.

Next, I found these wooden hangers at a show for a $1.00 a piece a couple of years ago and never did use them. I painted these black and sanded them down. Added a little sprig of greenery and berries. I found 3 of my red ticking stockings in my stash of to-do projects and put them together with the wood hanger. I still need to get some sweet Annie and fill the stockings up closer to the show and put a prim tag on each of the stockings.

These trees sold like crazy last year, I had some old vintage coffee cans and tucked the trees down into the cans and added moss around the tree. Last year, I sprayed the trees with spray adhesive and then sprinkled on mica flakes and couldn't keep them in stock. I also added a vintage tag. This year instead of using mica flakes, I had some of the snow that you spray in a can, and sprayed the tree pretty heavy with the snow. I added a few red berries here and there. Be sure to leave it outside in the hot sun to dry.

I got a couple of doll orders today for Christmas dolls, and better get started on them. I hope everyone is enjoying our Christmas in July. I will adding some free patterns shortly and having another giveaway. A big thank you for everyone commenting and reading my blog.


  1. Couldn't end my day without coming over and visiting you. Hope your Dad follows the Dr. orders on getting back in the hospital to take care of his anemic issue.
    As always, super adorable wonder you always sell out!! YAY! You've got me in the mood to jump right into Christmas prims now! :)

  2. Hey Sandy,
    I am sure enjoying your Christmas in July, I check your site every morning! Your elves are so cute and I love that tree in the coffee can, wish I could find a bunch of those old cans someplace! I also love your beeswax candles.

    Hope your dad reconsiders going to get that issue taken care of, nothing to mess around with especially with his other health issues.
    Anyway you have a happy day!

  3. Hope you dad feels better is so stressful..
    I so enjoy all you is so fun to see your inspiration. thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us. Dianntha
    It is a joy...