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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easy Ideas for Christmas

today, my friend Carmen, from Little Country Blessings came to visit me, while her husband was at his doctors appointment. So we got to go out to eat at the Chinese Restuarant. We ate way too much as usual. Being that this is Starke, we don't have much do in this small town. We did get to goodwill. Carmen found about $40.00 of Christmas Stuff, she is planning on doing a makeover on most of it. I did find a whole $6.00 worth of items to purchase, baskets, books, a few Christmas ornaments and some reindeer candle holders.
I will hopefully be posting pictures of my finished Gingerbread Annie dolls tomorrow. Hope to get them done tonight.
Below is a super quick idea, I bought some old books at Goodwill, took off the book jacket and painted the book with acrylic black paint. Let dry, then sanded down the edges. I made up a cover label for the front. I used a vintage looking Santa and typed the words Santa's Naughty or Nice list. I cut it down to size to fit the book, took a match and burned around the edges of the label to make it look a little more prim. Rubbed shoe polish on the label and make it grungy. Glue the label on real good. Took some spray adhesive and sprayed the front of the book and sprinkled mica flakes on the front. Added a sprig of cedar and red berries with a hot glue gun.
Then I tied a piece of jute around the whole book and knotted off. I really like the way they look.
Thought about buying a little antique looking lock and placing on the book with a tiny key, but of course, I couldn't find any locks around here.

This next idea is so simple. Using an empty tin can, be sure your edges are smooth, so you won't cut yourself. Either drill a small hole in each side for a hanger or glue a piece of jute or heavy twine in place for a handle. Take desired fabric and tear in about 1/2" strips and wind around the can, gluing here and there to secure. Continue to overlap the fabric until you get to the bottom, cut off excess and glue to secure. I put a jute bow and large jingle bell and rusty pin on one can, and the other jute a rusty pin and sprig of cedar, redberries and jingle bell. Fill these with whatever you want. I think they would look great with a tea light, can filled with moss and light nestled in moss. I added a prim tag. Another quick idea.
Well, my free time is over, my daughter and my husband just walked in the door. They went and bought her a new lap top, so I guess she will hidden in her room the rest of the night. But she did tell me, I could have her other desktop. It is a newer one than the one I am using right now.
So guess I better get back to the dolls and get them finished. I got my copy of the new Country Sampler and have orders for scarecrows to get done also.


  1. Love the book idea! I have a few old books I got at the thrift store. I can seethose cans hanging from a peg rack. Keep those ideas a coming! Please!

  2. Love all your ideas!! What an inspiration you are! Love the can idea.


  3. I just love all your ideas, the books and cans are really neat. Your ideas has really motivated me. Have a good day.

  4. Love the book idea..soo simple yet just a nice thing to give away...thanks for sharing. Dianntha

  5. I love the Santa graphics you used on the books, are these available to anyone?

  6. I love the cans. They are really cute and I can adapt them for my 2nd graders to make for presents for their families or senior citizens. Thanks for the idea, Kim the prim schoolmarm