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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Hi all,
things seem to be settling down here, my dad seems to be feeling better. So I just hope it lasts for a while. My dad's little poodle finally made up with my daughter, Samantha, he has been pouting since we got the puppy. But right before I had to take him back to my dads, he wanted to friendly to Samantha. He must have known he was going home. It is so strange, last time my dad came home, the poodle wouldn't hardly even go to him, and this time he sleeps right next to him and lays at my dad's feet.

My husband Todd finally got his new car (at least new to him) it is a BMW. It is a couple of years old. He is so proud of it. We had been having to share a car between the two of us after selling the one we had bought for my daughter in high school. My husband is not impulsive, he likes to think about things before he buys. He bought if off an auction in New Jersey and had it shipped down here. The only problem is, it is a stick shift and guess who can't drive it (ME) Wonder if he did that on purpose.

Well, if you are like me, you probably have tons of patterns that you have never made, but are just collecting in your crafting room. I decided I am going to try to go make some of these patterns up. I want to bring back some of the older items, I used to sell. This Raggedy wynter pattern is from Katies Homespun Stitches, I pulled it out and made up 5 of them this weekend.
I love the way she turned out. So I am going to go pull some more older patterns and try to get them made up this week.

Remember I am planning on a Christmas in July, starting July 1st, I am going to be previewing some of my new Christmas Items. I will also be posting freebies that have been good sellers for me, and that are quick and easy to make. We are also planning on having our biggest giveaway yet. So keep watching.


  1. Just wanted you to know am sitting here with a big ole prim SMILE after reading your Dad is perking up!! YAY!
    Well, if I was you June Bug, I'd be learning on how to drive a stick shift reeeeally fast! lol
    That is the sweetest poodle nuzzling pic with your daughter. :)
    Hope your received my email Sandy and that it didn't take a spam detour! lol
    Wishing you a most delightful heart smiling week!!

  2. Glad your Dad is doing better!! I'll keep him (and you) in my prayers.
    Great car!! Stick shift isn't too bad, give it a try.
    Love the poodle pic!! So sweet!!
    Looking forward to Christmas in July!!

  3. Its good to hear that your dad is home. I bet the poodle was so happy to be home. He probably won't let your dad out of his sight.

    Shame on DH for buying a car you can't drive. :)


  4. Those dolls are adorable. I wish I knew how to make something like that. You are really talented!!
    Glad your dad is getting better. Have a great one, Kim

  5. I am so glad that your father is doing better, your dolls are so beautiful, you are so talented. Love your DH "new" car, that is the very car that i have been looking at to buy... hope he loves it, i'm so jealous : )

  6. Your dolls are so adorable!!
    So glad to hear that your dad is getting better.