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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Christmas in July

Imagine that is cold outside (not the 90 degrees plus we have been having lately) and we are sitting in front of a blazing fire. This coming month, I plan on sharing some of my bestselling Christmas items that are quick and easy to make, new patterns and some holiday crafts.

Pretend the House is decorated for Christmas. In this picture above, I bought a lighted white tree at the McIntosh show, which I absolutely love. Next to it, I have my gingerbread wooden card holder.

I found this old wood distressed cabinet in a catalog several years ago and love it. I put up the distressed board wallpaper and bought all off white distressed cupboards. You can see my kitchen cabinets, we purchased them at Home depot, I saw them and fell in love with them. I put my candy cane sign and hang stockings and santa cap on it every year.

My living room has a fake fireplace that I hang patchwork stockings that my mom made for us several years ago. Now that she is gone, they will be even more special to us this year.

View of tree we put the present under, I actually put up 2 trees every year. If you look on the side bar of the blog you will see the prim tree I bought off ebay.

View of the kitchen with some of the decorations from last year. This year I plan on changing how I decorate, I am going for a more prim look.

I have been working on some Santa ornaments, these are from an old pattern of mine from the You are Special Line called #141 Christmas pals. I am planning on bringing back some of the older patterns this year. I sprinkled these with the german glass glitter.

I am going to start with some simple, quick and easy ideas that have proven to good sellers.

I make the reindeer food every year and place in a big basket with a sign that clearly says REINDEER FOOD . In the first picture I used a graphic from for the design on the paper sack , and place a ziplock bag into paper bag. The second bag seems to appeal more to kids, it has a Reindeer graphic and they can see what is in the bag.

The Graphic for the following tag is in the share box in the side. Just save to your computer and resize to fit your bags. Walmart has a selection of bags in the craft section.

The recipe for the reindeer food is:

1 cup oats
1 cup birdseed

1/2 cup glitter

Next, I am sharing my Santa's Key, this is so easy and has been a bestseller for me for a couple of years now. Grandmas always love to pick these up for the grandkids. Look on the side of the blog and you will see the share it box. You will receive the graphic and text, I use to make mine. I use heavy card stock, print 4 on a page. I package these in zip lock bags. I sell these for $1.95. They fly off the shelf.

Check back often as I will adding more pics and freebies to the blog. I have a new graphic coming with a Christmas logo, that I will add as soon as I get it.


  1. I was wondering where you purchase the keys?

  2. What cute ideas, love the reindeer food and Santa Key.

  3. Love it! I love christmas all year! thank you for sharing your to cute ideas!!