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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Winner of my giveaway is.....

Hi all,
The winner of this giveaway is Alexandria of the Northwindstar. So, please send your address and I will get this right out to you. Thanks to everybody who left a comment. I will be having another one shortly.
Well an update on my dad, they released him yesterday, but honestly I don't know how long he will be home. He said he isn't going back to the hospital, he is just going to die at home. He is still having trouble breathing, even though his heart is beating normally now after all the procederes he had. He just doesn't seem to care about anything anymore. The nurse is coming to his house today, so I have to be there, to relearn how to do the IV for his antibiotics. So please continue to keep him in your prayers. I always thought that when my mom passed away, he wouldn't last long, and I am starting to wonder if that is going to be the way it is. He is cold all the time, won't turn the a/c on, the house is getting mold growing in places. I keep telling him it will make him sick, but he sits in his house and it is over 85 degrees and keeps saying he is cold. It is just too hot in that house for anyone, no one can stay long because of the temperature. But he doesn't care. So I guess time will tell, he is stubborn and has decided he wants out of this world. So I guess we will see, time will tell.
So thanks again for your comments and prayers and I will hopefully be posting some pictures of new patterns shortly.


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  2. Sandy, so sorry to hear he is feeling so down, I was hoping things would start to look up and that he would get out and socialize with the people from church and neighbors who have been so wonderful,supportive and caring through all this. But I guess there comes a point when your body has just had enough, maybe that is where he is at but I sure hope he will start to feel better. Will keep praying. Please give him a big hug and kiss for me and tell him I am thinking about him and praying for him. Prayers, Carmen

  3. Congratulations, Alexandria! You won a great giveaway!

    So sorry to hear about your dad, Sandy! Hope things will turn around for him. Will keep him in my prayers! ~~Annie

  4. I'm so sorry to read your Dad isn't doing as good as we all hope he would be doing after his arrival home Sandy. I have continued to pray for him, as well as for you and your family during this difficult time. Remember what is written on your blog graphic to the right "God will make a way".

    I just sent you an email to Your So Special addy letting you know how thrilled AND surprised (to say the least), that I won your absolutely fabulous give-a-way!!Thank you so very much Sandy. I will treasure it!! :) Oh, I almost forgot in my excitement...also included my mailing address in the email!
    God's Blessings to your Dad, you and your family.