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Sunday, March 15, 2009

what I got done this past week

I thought I would share some of the items I got done this week. This has been a very busy week. I had to help my mom quite a bit this past week. She just seems to be getting worse. We are afraid she had another attack on Thursday morning. My dad called me and was very upset. I went down there and she could hardly talk or even hold her head up. But luckily she seemed to come out of it a little later, but she still hasn't been able to get up and get in her wheelchair. She is just too weak. My poor dad is not handling this well. It is just so sad to see them both like this.
But I was able to get some crafting done as well. I suffer from insomnia really bad. I don't fall asleep usually until after 4:00 in the morning, then of course I sleep until about 11:00. So I seem to waste all my morning hours in bed. But I have to say, it is so nice to have the house to myself late at night. No one else will stay up with me, my husband just shakes his head and goes to bed, then he gets up at 6:00. Don't understand morning people.

I was able to get 10 of my Annie bagholders finished this past week. I like to make them in all different colors. The Christmas fabric ones I made last year, really sold well. I bought alot of the fabric at Walmart for the $2.00. Unfortunately our Walmart stopped selling fabric this year. Wish I would have bought more last year now. I sell these for $19.95.

Something new this year, I am making the prairie doll dresses. This is great way to use up some of those left over fabrics you have. I have so much fabric, I am having fun going through all of it and making these little dresses. I found so many pieces I didn't know I had.

These are my absolute favorite so far. I had saw some pictures made up of larger reindeers last year and could never find a pattern for one. So I made up my own pattern. This little reindeer is about 6" high and glued onto a thick stick. I made them out of muslin, then took the brown shoe paste polish that comes in a can in the shoe department, and rubbed the shoe polish all over the muslin. I love the look. I am making these in a smaller size for the tree and I am going to do one in a bigger size for a wreath. The only problem I am having is finding sticks. We live in town and have a very small yard. We have 2 trees in our yard, I have cut all the sticks I can off the lower branches, probably won't have green on our trees this year because all the branches are off. Now I have to find somewhere to collect sticks, I feel funny walking around the neighborhood picking up limbs and such that people have placed on the curb for collection. I did it once and felt so stupid carrying limbs back.
Well it is now 1:00 in the morning, guess it time to get some orders done and hopefully get some much needed sleep .

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  1. Love all your work. That must be hard for you, the insomina. I am a person who needs sleep, so my heart goes out to you.