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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Show Stuff

It has been a busy week working on show items. I managed to get several dolls finished this week. Only about a month till show time. We still have to book a motel room and get all the displays ready.

These 2 Raggedys are from my You are Special line, called Annie's Memories. These are grunged up a little more.

these little dolls are made from a pattern by Chestnut Junction. They don't use much fabric and are good for leftover pieces.

I have several of these feed sack looking towels, that I used for aprons on Carmen's pattern, Olde Colonial blessings. These are vacuum cover dolls.

this little Annie is from my You are Special Line. I had actually made the dress last year and been running across now and then. Found it the other day and I made the doll to go with. She is simple and hope to get a few more done in different colors.

Been working on more bag holders, these are from my You are Special line also. #300 Annie Bag holder, I used chicken and cow prints for these ladies. Always a good seller.

I only a little bit of fur left, and was able to make up these guys. Went to Joann's and couldn't find any more of the brown. So I guess that will it, till they get the winter stuff back in.

Samantha and still working hard to trying to get our wholesale line up and running and getting ready for the show. So be sure to email us if interested in buying or selling. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Hi, Sandy:
    You always have the greatest Annie patterns. The first Annie is adorable, actually I have to say they are all adorable. I know they are going to sell like crazy for you.
    I am interested in buying wholesale and selling on my yet to be established selling blog.
    I love your patterns and I planned on making several to sell on the selling blog.
    Are you talking about wholesale on the patterns or the finished dolls?
    Let me know when you aren't busy and can drop me a line.

  2. You are a sewing Ninja. Your dolls always turn out so nice! Good luck with your show! ~*~Lisa

  3. All of your dolls look great and imagine your booth will be emptied by the time the show is over!! You have a definite artistic quality that shows in your have so much talent! Thank you for sharing the show photos...especially for those of us that live too far away to come to your shows. You are the BEST! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  4. All your creations are wonderful ~ I'm sure they will all sell well for you!
    Prim Blessings

  5. aww such lovely dolls..
    i love them so much..
    big hugs cucki xx

  6. they're all adorable! I love making the Memories Annie , I don't have a URS pattern that I don't love lol! my 1st show is in 23 weeks & that'll go by in 23 days if I don't get busy lol!

  7. Your creations are always beautiful... I love your work!

  8. Keep up the Good work! May you walk closely with Jesus. Laura Rhodes