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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dolls and New Venture

I have working on Annie's this week. I am using up some of the more whimsical fabric on the dolls above. Two of them have cat prints and the other a chicken print. These were made using a Chestnut Junction pattern.

I have made this little Angels for several years now. These are from a Ragg Bagg Baby pattern. These have always been a good seller for me.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to limit my advertising in Country Sampler magazine. It is so full of import now. Hardly any crafters in the magazine any more. We are going to try to sell more online and on face book. A group of fellow crafters and I have decided we are going to open up a wholesale division on facebook April 1st. We will be selling to shops and professional crafters. You will have to have a tax ID and some items, will have a minimum on to purchase.

My daughter and I are trying to build a business up together and combine both into one. This will work with the wholesale division. Carmen will also been wholesaling her dolls. My friend Sherri, is busy making lye soap the old fashioned way and will also be selling her wares. We may have other crafters join us if the interest is there. For shops interested, just leave me a comment and we will get back to you closer to the opening of our new group.

Well, only about 6 more weeks until our show. Time to get busy again. I have lots of bodies sewn up, now to get them stuffed tonight.


  1. That's terrific, Sandy. I don't often look through Country Sampler because of the price
    of the magazine, but that's a shame. Why do
    they have to ruin things and do that?
    I'll definitely follow on Facebook and wherever you go I'll be there!
    Love the square noses on the Raggedies.

  2. I have been a subscriber to Country Sampler for a very long time...and it is becoming what I call buy/resale...very few crafters in it. I have been seriously thinking about dropping my subscription.

  3. I know what you mean about the imports--we try to stay away from shows that are buy/sell. It is hard for crafters to compete. I advertised in Country Sampler years ago just once and the effect lasted years. Too bad they have to go the import route now though. Good luck!!

  4. aww sweet..they are so cute..super cute..
    sending you big hugs xxx

  5. Your raggedy friends are so cute. I would love to attend your show but live to far away. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you get up too.

  6. Sandy, I am sooo happy to hear about your new venture! I would like more info. when you are ready to start. Country Sampler and craft shows would probably do much better if they left out the import people. I am tired of doing shows that have no regulations on imported goods. I can't sell my dolls/wares at the prices they sell for. When my doll is priced at $24.95 and a similar doll in the next booth (imported) sells for half of that it drives me crazy to know that some people would rather buy mass manufactured dolls etc produced in China, Taiwan, Thailand! I am all about buying "made in America" so yes please send more info when you are ready. Thanks, Michelle Blanco

  7. Lots of big changes.....but good ones. I think things will work out great for you. I get Coutnry Sampler and you are right about the wholesale thing. Most all of it is. I like the hand made myself. Each thing is original and special. Good luck. -Stephp

  8. Hi Sandy, I don't blame you. It's very difficult today to compete with some of the magazine sales today. Looking forward to your wholesale store opening in April. I will definately be purchasing from you!! It's difficult to find handmade items of good quality for resale in my store these days. And I don't always have the time or patience to make them myself.I'll have to keep my eye open for your opening.