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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Been awhile

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. I haven't been feeling well and everything has gotten behind. I did manage to get some things finished. Pattern orders are backed up. So hopefully I will get caught up this week.

I put our deposit down for a show in March in Mount Dora. I see they accepted the payment, so I am assuming we got in. Just waiting for official word now. We applied for a double booth.
The show is a 2 day show that features antiques, collectibles and crafts. Samantha will have all her new tart warmers and her whole of tarts and some aprons. She has some brand new jar warmers that have crows on that I love. I have so many tart warmers now, but am thinking I may have to keep one for myself. Check out her blog, I have a link on the side to go to her blog. she is redoing her website and tart line. I am working on prim dolls and raggedy's for this show. Haven't ever been to it, so we will have to see how it goes. Last year, I went with Samantha to the Calico show in Moultrie in March. I have to say that show was a big disappointment, hardly any one there, so hoping this one will be a better one. Will post more about the show as it gets closer.

The Raggedies at the top of the page are from a Ragg Bagg Babies pattern. I finally found some little bears at Hobby Lobby to put in her hands. So hard to find supplies anymore.
I dug through my patterns and decided to makes some more of these raggedies. I put a little recipe card and wooden spoon in her hands.

Samantha and I have renewed our friendships with some old friends, just like old times. It is funny, how you can pick right back up where you left off with some people. Even though it has been over 10 years, since we spent any time together. Casey and Samantha have been walking dogs and spending time together. Casey is also getting into jewelry making and hopefully will be doing some of the shows Samantha is doing this year. Trying to talk her mom back into making soap, she used to make the prim soap from the lye, package it real prim looking. So hoping to post some their items soon. It is always fun to have someone to share crafting with.

Well, hoping to start posting more often, thanks to all who have emailed and checked up on me, I really appreciate it. Have so many new friends and am thankful for your concern and friendship.


  1. Been thinking about you...glad to see your post. Sorry that you haven't been feeling good...winter will depress me just because of the time of year! Your dolls are super! Good luck on your spring show. I am sure it will be a good one for both of you! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  2. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'll have to see if I can scoot over to Mt. Dora since I'm not too far from that area. Just ordered a bunch of tarts from Samantha's website. Best tarts I've ever come across! Keep us posted on the date for the show!

  3. Love your new lil' annie with the spoon....she's adorable... Hope you feel better!! Good luck with your show!! I'm sure Sam's new site will be just great!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hopefully I will get to Mt Dora to see you. Several crafters from here have done the shoe & said in the past it has been good.

  5. Hi, Sandy -
    I love the raggedy with the spoon and recipe card. And the ones with the bears are sweet, too.
    It's nice that you've renewed friendships.
    Good Luck at the Mount Dora show.
    Everything looks awesome.

  6. I have been wondering about you and if you were O K. I just havn't been able to get back in the sewing or crafting mood. Just listing on ebay...blogging and working on my new cook book. Thinking about going back farther North to be closer to the kids and trying to save up since it is so expensive any more. At least this time it is only 250 miles and not 700 miles and will plan on this summer or maybe in the fall.
    I have so many unfinished things here so if I do get in the mood I can always work on them. Take care and good luck at the show

  7. Hey Sandy, glad you are still going strong. These Annie's are SO cute!! I hope this show is better than your big disappointment last year, that always stinks because they are so much work.

    How fun to catch up with old friends. That would be wonderful if you all could craft together. I get more done when I'm on my own but every once in awhile it is fun to create and craft with friends.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, take care of yourself girl~