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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Samantha and Carmens show in Georgia

We made it back safely. Todd,Samantha and I left on Friday to help Samantha set up, then Todd had to leave to go back to work on Saturday. I sat with Samantha on Saturday, then Chris came up on Saturday evening and sat on Sunday with her. Todd treated us to Waffle house before he headed home.
Check out Samantha's blog for more pics of her booth. She had a great looking booth.
I got to stay with Carmen Friday and Saturday night. Carmen's daughter Celena, stayed with Samantha at the motel on Friday night. So every one got to have a nice long visit.

Carmen and I are tired, been a long couple of days.
Met up Melissa from Southern Primitive Treasures, first met Melissa at Christmas made in the South in Savannah and have seen her a couple of times at different shows.

Some of Melissa's items in her booth.

Here is a pic of Maxie Sumner, she is posing by Ernie Elf.

Maxie and her hubby

Closeup of Maxie's booth

Here are some pics of Carmen's booth. This is Celena helping set up the booth .

My show is right around the corner. Had my doctor's appointment. Don't have to go back until January for blood work. Then next pet scan is in March. So I have a few months to not have to worry about doctor's visits. Been really busy the last couple of days trying to get caught up on orders. I have several finished orders to get done and my show stuff. Be glad when it is over.
We are probably going to do our Thanksgiving on Sunday, since we will be setting up on Thanksgiving day. We will be having Samantha and Chris and a few friends over. I think we are going to have it at Samantha's house this year. That way the guys can play video games if they want, while we cook. Well, hope to have some pics of some of finished stuff ready to show you all tomorrow.


  1. It's so much fun seeing people I know you! And others I blog with like Maxie! It looks like a really great show! I'm glad you have a break from doctor's visits! Where is the next show? I would love to come! Hugs! Diane ♥♥♥

  2. I am just drooling over that wonderful eye candy on display!!! You are all such beautiful, talented ladies:)

  3. Wow! Hi there, I was just looking over your site. It is great the template, and layout..And of course your photos. I just love those kind of things :) I have you on my blog list so my friends can check things out. I would like to follow too. I was so interested in all the things in the photos that I didn't even see a place to join lol...oh and how did you do the snowflakes at the top? That's neat. I have just started a blog if you'd like to stop by the url is; I will be selling my crafts on there soon. Take care have a great day. Janet

  4. Oh...what I wouldn't have given to have been a mouse (with my pocketbook, of course) at THAT show....looks like bunches of wonderful goodies...So glad you can spend the holidays "appointment-free" - we're not to be so blessed this year it seems. Good luck with your next show (not like you need luck!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. The displays look beautiful. What talented ladies. I wish I lived closer. Good Luck with your show.

  6. fantastic show, love the set up , I'm done for the year "I think" LOL this inspires me to get started on next year! lol