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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas decorating

Well got my chemo done this week. Wasn't too bad, at least I didn't get a migraine this time. I have to go back next Wednesday for my blood test. I am feeling little tired and my taste is off, but other than that, I feel pretty good.
I will be putting a few items on my blog leftover from the Shows, this Saturday and Sunday. So keep watching. I only had a few crates left this year. But don't want to store it, I like to start out new every year.
I got my decorating done in the living room and kitchen. Samantha came up and helped me. We still have to get the yard decorations out. Been cleaning and trying to get this crafting stuff up, that has overtaken the house.
These are 2 of my favorite Santas. I bought the dark red one at a prim shop that is no longer in business.

I put up a prim tree in the living room, just decorated it with some candles and lights, and added one of my Santa's on the branches.

a snowman I bought off ebay last year.

Another doll, I purchased off of ebay.

This little elf, is different, she was also a ebay purchase.

These little carolers are from my grandmother. She collected dolls, and I got these.

I bought this wood box with Santa at War Eagle last year from Pam at the Wood nail.

I love boyd's bears and collect them. I buy these every year at Savannah show.

One of favorite Santa's.

We had to put the tree in the corner of the dining room.

My fake fireplace mantle and electric logs.

We are planning on getting up early and meeting up with Carmen tomorrow in Live Oak to check out a craft show. It is supposed to be cold. Hopefully I will find some goodies to buy. I love a good craft show, especially when I can find something to buy.
Remember check back this weekend for our blog sale on leftover craft items.


  1. I would like some santas and dolls! So glad
    you are feeling ok....

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Sandy, So glad you are doing better with this round!! Mom should be going back soon for her next round too. Love the decorations!!! Everything looks prim and cozy!!

  3. Glad you are feeling a little better..I wish all the people that love to SHOP at craft sales would come to the one I will be in this Sunday..I would like to sell out and start new also.....Love your decorations. This house is pretty small so it will just be the tree and a few other little things this year :)

  4. Good to hear your doing good with the chemo and everything. Love your decorations! You caught my attention with the Boyd's Bears I'm a collector also, I have a whole room of them. It's good to hear someone loves them as much as I do! Take care. Prim Blessings! Robin

  5. Glad to hear that you are doing well and your decorations look great. I was thrilled to see you mention War Eagle because that's where I'm from and enjoyed those shows so much! We've been gone 11 years now and every year I think this is the year that I'm going home just for the shows. That needs to be my New Year's resolution.

  6. I'm really sorry you're having these health problems. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. I am so so super impressed with you!! You are an inspiration to so many!! The shows were spectacular and I can see why you have people requesting and you running out of stock...your designs and craftsmanship are amazing! So happy to hear that your chemo session went well and you are feeling good! Your home looks so inviting and I just love the little Annie in the tub and all of the other items are just precious! Take care of yourself and try and get a little rest now that your whirlwind has come to an end!! Thinking of you...peace and blessings !! xOxO Nerina

  8. I am so glad that you are feeling lots better!!! I love everything that you have for Christmas, you have a lovely collection of goodies!!!

  9. Your decorations are beautiful and love your tree! Glad you are feeling better too:)