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Monday, November 29, 2010

Last show of the year is over

Well, my last show is over. It was a great show. The people really came out and bought, reminded me of a few years ago. Savannah show, people weren't in the buying mood, but here they sure did. We had our booth packed full of goodies. We have a very loyal customer base here. I have done this show for all the 22 years it is been here in Jacksonville. Saw some old friends and some fellow bloggers. Sorry Melanie, didn't recognize you right off. Was nice to see you.
My Hubby helped me the first day, Samantha the second day and then hubby on Sunday.

Anything that had a mouse on sold very well, people came back and were asking for mice. I had made up some candlesticks with mice. Forgot to take a picture, before they were all gone.

These little reindeers sold great. Only managed to get a few of them done for this show. I had my little reindeers heads on a stick in a basket on the table, they all sold quickly.

My friends Carmen and Becky had a few things in the show, I didn't have enough inventory, so luckily they each had a a few crates to help me fill the empty spaces.

Here are some different views of my booth.

My daughter wrapped some packages and printed out some prim Santa tags from Aunt Manny's and they flew off the table. She also did bags with transfer images of raggedy's and christmas.

Here you will see my Annie on a Candy cane and some of my Santas. the feedsack pillows underneath sold very well.

The Raggedy Annes are always my best seller, sold all my snowman. I have a couple of Santa's left and some prairie dolls left over. Most of the feedsack pillows sold. I had to pack up only 4 crates at the end of the show.Usually it takes us 2 hours to take down and load the trailer. But we did in under an hour this time. It was great .

My daughter had brought her tarts along and I have to say that was a busy table the whole show, everyone loved the tarts.

In this picture you will see some of Carmens items, she made the bear in the stocking and candy cane with the mouse. She also made the Raggedy dolls sitting down.

All my elf wreaths are gone, along with Raggedy Heads that Becky made.

So another year of shows are behind us. I am thinking of doing just two shows next year. Hubby wants me to do more. But I don't know how my health will be and I would rather have 2 good shows with enough inventory to get me through. This year was hard getting enough made with all my health problems. So hoping next year will be healthier. I am wanting to do alot of pattern designs, and convert all my patterns on the You are Special site into e-patterns.
Wednesday, I go for my 8-hour chemo session. I have been down all day with a bad headache. don't know if I tired myself out or what. I do know that my insomia is back and haven't slept good in a week. So hoping for a good night sleep tonight. Hope to get all my orders caught up tomorrow, I have a couple of dolls and a set of ornaments, and some feedsack pillows to get done this week. Then hopefully I will be done sewing for a few weeks. I want to get out my Christmas decorations and get the house decorated. Hopefully Carmen will be spending Christmas with us this year. We are going to start planning for our big open house next year,hopefully in month of November. Before it gets too hectic.


  1. tutto bellissimo !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Sandy, happy for you that your show was such a great success!! Nice to end the show season with a good one.8-) I hope you can get some much needed rest. Take care!!
    Blessings, Lorna

  3. Your booth looks wonderful! Wish I lived close so I could come by - I love your dolls! Enjoy some much needed rest!

  4. Sounds like you had a great show Sandy. So glad you did so well. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit sluggish though. Get some rest and don't worry about things for a while.
    Good luck with your Chemo Session.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Your booth look wonderful Sandy! Wish I could of been there to see all your goodies. I say take it easy right now and enjoy the season and family.

    Debbie K

  6. Oh my! WIsh you were closer! YOur booth looks fantastic!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. What an awesome show, I would think I was in prim heaven if I could attend one of your shows, those lucky gals, thinking of you!!!1

  8. Wish I could have been there. totally awesome stuff.. I love all your work.. With what you are going thru you are so amazing.. My SIL is going thru chemo now.. ugly ugly.. I am sorry and hope you feel much better soon.

  9. Glad you made it through Sandy. I hope you can take some time to enjoy the holidays in between your chemo appointments!

  10. So glad you had a great show to end the season with Sandy! I've been thinking of you lately and wishing the best and sending positive thoughts to you while going through chemo. My mom is due back for her next round of treatment soon. I always love seeing your set up for the craft shows! :) Now go get some rest and take care of yourself!!!!

  11. amazing booth! If I just had enough guts..I would love to do shows like this! can rest..and get your health back :)