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Sunday, July 18, 2010


When Carmen and I went shopping the other day, we found some of those little paper mache` boxes, that were only a dollar at Joann's.  I picked some up and came up with the little pattern.  I really like the way it turned out.  I am thinking of maybe doing several of these in different themes for the holidays.  These actually made up pretty fast.  If you wish to purchase the pattern, look on the side bar for the paypal button.

The New Country Sampler is out, and I can't believe it is only 3 months till my first show, where did the time go.  Still trying to get caught on orders while I was gone.  Carmen went home on Saturday, sure wish she lived closer.  3 hours is just too far, especially when you want someone to craft with.  Hopefully next time she comes,we will making a bunch of tarts.
Remember it is not to late to sign up for my giveaway, just look at the previous post and leave a comment

I have about 8 crows ready to be stuffed and painted. I need something to do while watching True Blood tonight. One of favorite shows. I purchased some beehive bobbins on ebay and finally got them.  So now to get it all put together.


  1. That is a really good idea..I hope I have a lot of room in my next house since there are some bloggers that I want to buy from...Go check out my blog when you have time and check out my sales I will be having every week to generate some income to pay for the U Haul..I will be super happy to get out of the heat down here :)

  2. I LOVE the boxes. I am making paper mache figures (usually bunnies) in antique chocolate molds and mounting them on the paper mache boxes. I plan on painting and antiquing the boxes and the figures.\Country Sampler magazine has a crafting tutorial for doing the figures in molds. I also got some bobbins on ebay to do your Annie on a bobbin pattern. You have me hooked on the bobbin idea. I hope to make all Christmas presents this year for my family thanks to your wonderful patterns, the cheesebox patterns I purchased from you last week. Thanks so much!
    Warm Regards,

  3. Soo, still watching that cheezy true blood show?? LOL!!! I Must say it was interesting, never watched it b/f until you forced me to sit through it! Love the way your new prairie doll pattern pic turned out, they are adorable...I sent you a payment for the e-pattern..waiting on my copy! LOL!!! Celena should be home tomorrow and hey maybe I will leave b/f she gets home and come back to your house! Had a great time... hope to see you again real soon. later deary..meeeeeeeeeeeee2!

  4. Those are so sweet Sandy.. I just love 'em!

  5. Sandy,
    I love your new Prairie Girls pattern!I just bought the epattern and paid through PayPal.I can't wait to get it and make some of them!You are so talented!I love your patterns!
    Prim hugs,

  6. You're talent amazes me!!! Everytime I see one of your creations I want it. I love my prairie bag holder doll from you. Just love these little boxes. Will you be selling them finished? Hugs, Lecia

  7. I'm so glad I've visited your blog again!! The Santas and scarecrows remind me that summer isn't going to last forever!! It's been so HOT here in New York!! :)

    ~ Wendy