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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Added lots of Freebies to the pattern share box

Been busy fabric shopping with my daughter and helping her get things ready for her ad.  She is so excited about the upcoming ad and sewing.  She actually staying up to sew, how familiar does that sound.  Remember check out her blog and join.  She will be doing an apron giveaway shortly.  Her blog is

I adding back some of favorites for the shows to the pattern share box at the bottom.  These are made on those plastic candy canes that you see every year at Walmart or the Dollar Store, for about $1.00.  I bought alot of these after Christmas for 25 cents each.  So mostly profit on these. Peel off the stripe if possible, then tear or cut muslin strips about 2" wide and start wrapping around the candy cane form. I just used tacky glue to glue the ends into the opening at the bottom and top. Then cut your red fabric and tear into strips that are about 1 1/2" wide and wide around in the same direction until you reach the end. I leave a little extra fabric at the ends, so I can tuck the ends in and glue to secure. I tie a green homespun bow around the cane and add a rusty safety and bell. Then attach the card that has the Legend of the Candy Cane on . I think this really helps sell them faster, everyone seems to love the poem.

Next I like to print up these cards and attach the old skeleton keys to the card. 
I have added this to the share box at the bottom.

This is little is fun and sold great last year. My reindeer's seem really popular last year. Pattern in the free drop box at the bottom of page.

next my daughter makes this every year, very easy to make and grandmother's love picking up a pack for each of their grandkids.  I have included several bag toppers at the bottom to choose from. Just add

1 cup of oatmeal, 
 1 cup of birdseed
1/2 of glitter

Just buy the small zip bags at Walmart, fill and add topper.


  1. I just want to say "thank you" for making some of your wonderful patterns available free for downloading. That is so generous of you. I have downloaded a couple of them but haven't had time to work them up yet. Looking for cooler weather and some down time :)

    Thanks again!!!


  2. I want to say thank you as well! These patterns are wonderful! I do plan to work on one or two. When I complete them, I will share on my blog, I will of course link right back here... thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the freebies, but I am having trouble getting them to download, anyone else having the same problem? What am I doing wrong???

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these patterns! Love them!!


  5. Thank you for the great freebies I just adore your blog

  6. Thank You for all the free patterns you share with us. I love your work and everything you do. I just love your blog!!!

  7. Love the patterns and all the things you make. You are definately one of Bloglands sweetest and kindest bloggers. I will be making a lot of the things I have your patterns for as soon as we get moved :)

  8. I agree with all the other comments. You are a very generous person, and I thank you for sharing the patterns and your talent with us.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing such neat patterns! Love the reindeer food!

  10. Sandy,
    Thank you for sharing some of your great patterns as freebies. You are very generous. Love them all!!
    Prim Blessings,

  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful freebies! I'm going to be making some of the wood scarecrow heads ....I'll post them on my blog and of course link to you!

  12. Hi, I love your blog and all the crafts you do, it takes alot of talent which you have. I joined your blog and thank you for the freebies, that is very kind of you to share!!!

    I will be back for sure.
    Prim Hugs and Prim Blessings,