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Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have been busy making tarts again this weekend. The response to my other post about tarts, was great.  So I had to make more, because I had very few left. I made some new scents this time, I made Warm Apple, Apple Dumpling, Apple Crisp and did some mixing and came up a with a scent I am going to call The Olde Country Cupboard. I had a counter full of tarts on Saturday.

If you notice at the top of the page on the slideshow, I will soon be carrying some primitive cards. I can't wait, I love this line of cards.  I am in the process of getting everything on my website.

I also, have some exciting news to share, Louise from Ragg Bagg Baby's is going to let me sell some of her patterns on my site. So keep watching I will be adding her patterns to my site soon. I  also am going to carry some of Carmen's patterns on my site from the Olde Farmhouse road. I am trying to find some other patterns that are a little harder to find to add to my site also.  So if you know of anyone who is looking for a place to sell patterns to, let me know.

I finally got in Samantha's old room and got it straightened up like I want it to be.  My black cat, Crybaby,seems to have taken over the bed. I guess he can get away from all the dogs up there.  The bed is one I got from my mom and dad, it is supposed to be an old antique bed. I love it, it is so comfortable.  I still need to paint the walls, my daughter painted them a dark pinkish color, I hate painting and have been putting it off.

But here is a picture of  the room and the cat of course on the bed:

See the pink walls, I hate those, but it is better than the lime green she had painted them before that.

I am trying to keep that room as a neat guest room, but I keep finding my husband clothes laid on the bed, he doesn't want to hang them up, so he is trying to pile everything on the bed. 


  1. I LOVE your song on here..I Love Bonnie Tyler but you are right about the pink walls..I don't care for them much either. What color are you going to paint the roon now?
    I love the quilt too. I have been putting off doing any decorating since I am hoping to move closer to a bigger town this fall after the garden is done and it is all in the freezer except for the beets...they will have to be canned (hopefully everything will do good now that we have invested all the money and work.
    Good luck on painting..I'm sure it will be awesome

  2. I'll be glad to help you paint when I come back toward the end of this month. Just let me know, so I can bring some old jeans and an old tee shirt that I don't care about! It's been a while since I've painted, but I think I enjoyed it the last time I did any. There are 2 windows in that room, that should be plenty of ventilation! I wouldn't think that it would take too long. But then too, that depends on the color you want and how many coats it's gonna take to cover all of that PINK!! At least she didn't paint it Orange & Blue!!

  3. Oh my word! I bet your home smelled like you were baking apple pies! I wouldn't have been able to stand it... I would have had to bake a pie. My mouth would have been watering for one! Haha!

    I absolutely LOVE those prim cards! I have never seen any like that before. Those are awesome!

    I'm not a fan of pink either. But I do love that bed and cover!