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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 More brand new patterns

I have been busy with 3 more patterns, this is my favorite one.  I call this one "Snowball Fight". If you look on the top of his hat, you will see a little mouse getting ready to throw a snowball at the mouse peeking out the side of his hat.   This one was so more fun to make.

I wanted to do alot more snowmen this year, and this my second new snowman. I call this pattern Winter Frieinds. You will notice that this also has a big-earred mouse. This little mouse is peeking over his hat, holding a little candy cane and wearing a little cap. This snowman is weighted down and will sit anywhere.

I also wanted to do another light box. These boxes sell really well at the craft shows. so I wanted to do something with an elf.  I made this little guy and stuck him in the box with a reindeer and tree. This is not a full  body elf, just his upper body and legs that are not attached, the toy bag sits between his legs and body. I even made up a label to go on the front of the box. This one was fun to make also.

Well, I still have several more ideas, but should be ready for the deadline for the next Country Sampler issue which will be  in a bout a month.  So now, I need to go get more patterns done for the You are  Special Line. Planning on doing several raggedies for that pattern line.  So please keep checking back. Hope you all like the new patterns, and I have the e-patterns available on the side.


  1. Wow, they all look awesome! I'm liking snooping dog there on the right. Looks like something our cats would do. I love those light boxes too and need to get one for the kitchen counter for a little light at night in case anyone sleepwalks:)

  2. OMW, that first one with the mouse about to plop one on Mr Snowman is delightful!!!!
    You have such a refreshing imagination and it shows so well in your designs.
    They brought a smile to my otherwise dull and somewhat annoying day, thanks. :)

  3. Oh Sandy, those are so precious!! I love the mice, it really makes the snowmen even more cute!