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Monday, March 29, 2010

OMG does my house smells wonderful today, making tarts

My house is smelling so good today. I found some amazing scents that are terrific.  I made cornbread, sugar corn pudding, kettle corn and of course Amish quilt.  I burned of my cornbread tarts and hubby walked in and said, that one smells good.  He usually doesn't like any of my tarts, because they are more cinnamon and spice, but so far he has had great things to say about these.  I am using a 2 oz portion cup, so these are a little bigger than the ones I use to sell in a pack of two.  So of my old ones, equal one of these.  But what I like about these containers are they don't let the tarts get messed up.  Before when I packaged them in the zip bags, they are soft and got dinged up alot.  But so far these are working out perfectly. If any one is interested in tarts, just let me know. I am selling these for a $1.00 a piece plus shipping. I have to figure shipping on each order, I sent out 12 the other day in a priority box for 4.95.

I am working on orders today, the new Country Sampler is out and have two orders for the Raggedy Anne that is featured in there.  I am determined to get them done today.  Well, back to sewing and making more tarts.


  1. I bet your house did smell good! I used some of your tarts you had included in that giveaway I won a few months back and they were WONDERFUL! :0)

  2. There's no way I could have those tarts in my home unless I was making whatever scent I was burning. My family would be so mad at me if they smelled cornbread but wasn't getting any. Haha! Those scents are different than any others and I bet they smell so wonderful!!

    I finally saw one of your ads in Country Sampler. It's so neat to look through a magazine and say "I know her!". =]

  3. Hi Sandy i sent you an email with my address earlier this morning, let me know if it went through.Blessings, Leah

  4. OMGOSH Sandy, These are wonderful! I got my box today! The cornbread is just amazing...I want to bite right into it! Thank you for the extras, LOVE them all!