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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Rag dolls, Bagholders and Crows & Pumpkins

I have been busy working on more rag dolls, this is a version of a Ragg Bagg Baby pattern.  I managed to get 4 of these dolls finished last week. She is supposed to have a prim doll in her hands, but I just put a grubby quilt in her arms.

I made up 5 of my Prairie doll bagholder, sold one, this is my newest pattern.  I love the way she turned out.  The feedsack apron is perfect for her. I got the feedsack pattern from ewe n printables.

I have these advertised in the next issue of Country  Sampler due out any day now.  These are from my You are Special pattern line.  I had gotten this chicken print at Walmart, back when they had fabric.  Got several bolts of it.  I love chickens as you can probably tell.

I found 3 of these Christmas dressed ready for bagholders that I had made last year, so went ahead and forced myself to use them up. I am still trying to get all my half-finished projects done. 

My deadline for the fall issue of Country Sampler is next week, so I am making up some of my Prim Pumpkins from my Olde Country Cupboard line. I still need to make the sunflower to go with it. Kind of enjoyed doing the fall items. 

A lot of you have asked about the the little Raggedy from Making Spirits Bright pattern, I thought she had a website, but when I looked for it, it was gone.  I know she was out of Australia.  So don't know how to get in touch with her about the pattern.  The best I can say, is to do a search on the internet and hopefully some quilt shop will have it.

I just heard from a fellow blogger, Melanie Keaton, that one of our favorite prim shops is closing. It is called The Olde Green Cupboard, it was in Jacksonville , Florida.  I loved it, but noticed last time I was in there, they had cut way down on the prim items, and stretched out the fabric to cover 3/4  of the store. I loved their displays, it was a great shop to visit.  I am really gonna miss it.  Carmen and I used to go there together as one of favorite things to do, when she came down.  We used to always go to a store called Woodchucks, and unfortunately, they closed that one too.  What are the stores thinking, there won't be any prim shops around here anymore. 


  1. WOW, you sure have been busy!!!
    Love them ALL. I cant wait to start working on Fall things, I just went through my pattern stash and took out some to start on in a few weeks:)

  2. Love them all!! You sure have been one busy lady!! It makes it bad when the good shops close down!

  3. You've never made anything I don't like Sandy!

  4. WoW!! Your dolls are BEAUTIFUL! I just LOVE the pumpkins and crows.... Fall items are my favorite to do! Wonderful job!

  5. WOW..I love all your things you make ..especially all the cute little dolls and your pictures are always awesome with the way you display them....keep on sharing with your items...all of them

  6. Hi Sandy - love your Annies - you have been one busy gal. The pumpkins are nice. When you mentioned Wallmart it brought back memories on how use to love buying fabrics from them. How things do change!

  7. Hi Sandy....i'm so happy to be settling into the new apartment and got the computer hooked back up. I really missed out on reading your blog for eeek!!! almost 2 weeks!!!! Everything looks good and those pumpkins and crows are just too ADORABLE!!!

  8. yea,tell me about the only prim shop in polk co. closed well over a year ago. love your bag holders.

  9. I like the little quilt in Annie's hands, very cute! The prairie dolls are adorable! I've just started collecting crows this past year.. those are very cute!

    We don't even have any prim stores in Oklahoma! Lots and lots of antique stores, but no prim ones.

  10. I guess I will have to pick up the Country Sampler, I really like your new things. As for primitive shops, in the Detroit and surrounding area there is not even one. The craft mall, Town Peddler, has quite a bit from different vendors and also antiques, but a single store, not one. In our area, it is probably the economy but I am hoping they will come back.