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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Week, and Carmen's Show

Why is it, whenever I get up, one of my pets or both get right in the middle of what I am doing. I got up and went into the kitchen for a few minutes, came back and the polyfil was a bed. Not enough they have 2 couches to choose from, but they want my seat also. Needless to say, I had to move to another chair.

It has been a busy week, didn't get all the pictures taken yet of what I did get done. I had to purchase another printer to print off the feedsack images on the freezer paper. I bought one off ebay for $50.00 and works great. Our new printer won't pick up the freezer paper sheets. But I  did manage to get over 30 feedsacks images printed off.  Now to sew them up and get them stuff with sawdust.

I use the precut sheets from that are 8.5" x 11" and all you have to do is iron to your muslin, then peel off the sheets.  So much easier than cutting the freezer paper into sheets.

Yesterday, my hubby and I went to Moultrie, Georgia to visit with Carmen.  I helped her with her show today (The Calico arts and crafts show) She also does a show in the fall with 4 booths. Her booth looked great as usual.  It was a nice show.  We had to take the little poodle with us, as I can't leave him home alone, my other dog will go in an out the cat door. My daughter checked on her.  But Buddy had to go with us.  He does not get along with other dogs, Carmen 2 housedogs werent too thrilled with Buddy, but then Zoey wanted to play, and of course all Buddy would do is growl.  So we had to keep them separated.  But it was a nice visit.  We stayed up late Friday night, and finished up some last minute things.  Here are some pics of her booth.

Hopefully get more pics posted tomorrow of some of the dolls I got finished this week.


  1. Oh Sandy, your doggies are wanting your attention given to them and not the dollies. They look like they are patiently waiting for it:) We've got kitty kats and we get those kinda looks too.
    Those primitives sure look awesome.

  2. Oh what I would do to attend one of your shows, your fans who attend are sooooo lucky. You are one talented lady. I want one of everything!!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!!

  3. She had a very nice display with lots of nice dolls :) i hope she did well.. Thanks for sharing some pictures with us.

  4. Carmens booth looks great! I hope she did well!
    Looks like your feed sacks are going to be wonderful!

  5. That looks like a VERY comfy bed for the furbabies, LOL! I love Carmen's booth, wish I could shop there:)

  6. Sandy, perhaps you should give your pups some stuffing of their own while you are working? They seem to really like it either that or they are jealous because you are busy and they aren't getting the attention. LOL! Carmens booth is wonderful! I am really in love with the rabbit on the grapvine!!! I would have to have one of them if I had gone. Looks like a bunch of fun! Wish we had spring shows here!

  7. Awesome booth Carmen =]
    Sandy, I understand, with 4 dogs & 5 cats, trust me they do the SAME thing lol!

    Where do u get ur feed sack images? I've been looking & really want to get some. tks =]

  8. Carmen has some great dolls! I hope she did
    well...She is lucky to have such a great
    friend! I love your feed sacks...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Wow! Carmen has lots of neat things! I would love to shop her booth!

    That is the cutest picture of your little dog. Mine is the same way. No matter where I am, he has to be right at my feet.. or on top of them. Haha!