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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working on dolls

I am finally caught up except for 1 Santa, hope to get him out of the way this weekend.  Then I can sew again. I don't know what it is, knowing you have to make something, sucks all the joy out of sewing.  But when you get that last one done and can start again doing what you want. It seems like a weight has been lifted. I have so many things I want to get started on.  I made some of my Sadie dolls, this weekend, have 3 more bodies to paint, hopefully have another sunny day tomorrow. The original pattern I didn't put legs on her, but I just lengthened the arm piece and now she has legs.  I ordered a whole bolt of onsaburg from Joann's Online.  I use their coupons online and with the shipping discount coupons I get, it is cheaper to order online than travel 1 hour to get it at Joanns store. Plus I don't spend near as much as I would if I went shopping.  Trying to save some money lately. I was out in my disaster of a shed, trying to rearrange and can't believe the things I found that I had forgotten about.  I have jars that I was going to make candles, sap buckets and lots of baskets.  So hoping I can some those buckets and basksets made up for shows this year. They take up a lot of room.
I purchased a new graphic for my blog from I absolutely love it.  Crows are one my favorite items. Hoping to get some them made on the bobbin next week.
I hope to get my scarecrow finished up this week, poor thing has his finished and arms and legs attached, but that is it.  I need to get him dressed and ready to use for the next ad deadline which will be fall.
Well, I guess it is time to get back to work.  I didn't have to cook, hubby went and got chinese.  So now got leftovers for tomorrow for lunch. I love it when I don't have too cook.


  1. OMG, those are the same dolls I was working on & finsihed today! 3 of them!! LOL! I had a weird dream last night too that you bought a new sewing machine and it had all these awesome crazy attachments that even stuffed some of the doll parts and,well it was just crazy! Must have gone to sleep with sewing machines on my mind! Hee! See ya in a few weeks...Later, Meeee!

  2. Everything looks great Sandy! I know what you mean about having all kinds of stuff setting around you were going to use for this and that. I have all kinds of projects I've stared and never finished. I cleaned out the closet a few weeks back and decided to put the undone's, as I call them in a box. I kept having to find larger boxes. Oh well, I might get back to them one day. I hope you get everything you want to accomplished this weekend! I love all of your work, Melissa

  3. Love the dolls you've made. I love crows too. I used to just put them out in the fall, now I keep them out year round. They fit perfectly in a prim setting all the time. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  4. oh my goodness! absolutly breath taking! those are beautiful! you did a fantastic job, not like you wouldn't LOL I can't wait for the new release on the big Annie with the snowman, not like I have nothing to work on with the 10 I won LOL

  5. OK GIRL! When are you going to update your blog?? LOL! Blessings, Meeeeeeeeeee2!