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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fabric and Becky's visit

It was like Christmas here, Friday afternoon, when the UPS man came. I finally sat down and ordered some fabric from Honey and Me and it came. I was so excited. I love getting packages.  Some of it was backordered, but I got enough for a good start. I am so tired of trying to find fabric anymore. I have decided to shop online, whenever possible from now on.  I got 9 new bolts of fabric and love all of them.  They came on 10 yard bolts.   So I should have plenty to keep my going for a while.

My Friend Becky, was up from Orlando for the week, got to visit with her a couple of times.  She bought along some of her crayon bags.  These are quilted and look great. They have a little pockets for the crayons. I love the ones with the crayon fabric.  Which of course, I didn't get in the picture.

She also made some little wallets, these are perfect for your drivers license and a little money to tuck into a pocket or jacket.  She sells quite a few of these. Of course, my daughter has the Gator one.  She is a die hard gator fan. If any one is interested in Becky's items, just email her from her blog at  You can see some of the quilts she has made.

closeup of her wallets.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.  We didn't do much, my hubby had to work in the afternoon, he did a half marathon race this morning.  He got up at 5:00 to go run.  Then on to work after that.  Needless to say he is in bed now.  Worn out.  My daughter stopped by and brought us a box of candy and a card. Nice to rembered by her.  We gave her a dvd and house plant and of course some candy. 
Carmen is doing a pattern special on her website, so check out her blog at:  She just had her website made over and it looks great.  So please stop by and check it out and the pattern special she has running now.

I finally updating my other blog at  so please check it out later as I working on another tutorial and adding some pics.


  1. Oh what fun!! That would be like Christmas, getting to open your boxes to see the fabric! I love what I can see of them! Nice prints.

    My mother-in-law used to make the crayon holders. They are wonderful!! I'm sure Becky has no problem selling her neat things!

  2. Ohhhh look at all of that fabric!! It's really an addiction i tell you. Sounds like you had a nice visit and a happy Valentine's too!

  3. Hello.. How much does it cost you to purchase a whole bolt of fabric.. the only ones I buy bolts of are muslin.. Thanks Ann

  4. Wow! Becky's work is soo nice! She is a wonderful seamstress, tackles a lot of tedious difficult things I would never even think of trying, love her stuff!