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Monday, November 9, 2009

Snowman sleds and Longjohn pattern

Been working really hard these last few days. I made a couple of my Snowman heads from the Prim Snowman Wreath pattern and put them on some of the rustic sleds. I had these sleds in my shed, finally unburied them and they turned out really well, now I wish I had some sleds to use for my Santa Heads.
I have to get the trailer packed up tomorrrow as they are forcasting rain from the hurricane headed toward the panhandle. I didn't even know anything was out there, been so long since I watched the news.
I had many requests for the longjohns pattern, I have added to the sharebox. If you have any problems, just let me know.
Well, this is a short post for today, back to work, but wanted to share the pattern for the longjohns.


  1. Thank you for the pattern. I was hoping you would share it. They will look great added into the Christmas decor.

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  3. Thanks for the pattern, I was trying to figure how to do the pattern myself, but couldn't figure the snap part. Hope you have a great show and I sure hope the storm just gives us a little rain. Have a great show. Take care.
    Pat vinson

  4. Thanks so much for the long johns pattern they are just so cute!

  5. Those sleds....will be the first thing to go at your show!!!

  6. Hey Sandy,
    Love the sleds.. those snowmen look good on anything! I did up some for my show and I have been meaning to post them but then I realized I forgot the buttons and to give them rosey cheeks! So I will try to post them in the next couple days. Good luck on your show.. I bet you LOVE having that cargo trailer!

  7. Hello,Sandy!

    Beautiful Christmas decor!



  8. The sleds are great! The snowmen's faces are very cheerful!

  9. Thanks so much for the long john pattern

  10. How do I access the sharebox for the long John pattern?