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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Molds and ornaments


I wanted to share my newest molds with you. I found the neatest molds. These are actually called Brown bag cookie molds and the ones I am using , some are dated back to 1983-85. They are a little thin, but still seam sturdy enough for ornaments. I have shown you a picture of a few of the molds I have gotten so far. I absolutely love them, they will look good, piled in an old bowl
They are heavy. I sprayed the molds with a little pam before pouring the beeswax into them. The molds sets up pretty fast, I put mine in the freezer for a about 15 minutes after they start to set up and they were ready to be popped out. From what I can find out, there are alot of these molds out there and I think they make them every year, so now I am on the search for ones I don't have and have to have.

I have 2 of Santa molds, which are shown below. I think when I next make the ornaments, I am going to make them more of a blacker color. I haven't added the hanger yet for making them into ornaments. I have the little holes all poked in their heads and but haven't figured out what I want to string through the holes for hangers.

closeup of the Santa's.

These bears turned out so cute. They are about 5" tall.

And of course, I had to have Raggedy Ann and Andy. I love these, I want to have my little prim tree decorated with these this year. These also are about 5" tall and about 1/4" thick.

also found a neat gingerbread mold and made these. After I received my molds, all my ideas of sewing for the day, flew out the window. I wanted to play with my beeswax and molds.

I found these molds on ebay, just do a search for brown bag molds and you will be amazed at how many molds are on there. Some are kind of pricey but when you can use them over and over again, I guess it all kind of evens out.


  1. I just love your new molds... isn't it fun to discover something new. Don't worry sewing will be there tomorrow...
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I love your new molds too! I was thriiled with the "ornie in my box"! I did not realize that beeswax was so firm. I would have played with beeswax & molds all day too!

  3. I cannot believe you are doing these ornaments! I had the same idea and have been collecting molds too. Now I have some handpainted on my Etsy As they say, "there's no such thing as an original idea"! LOL...good luck with yours, they are a lot of fun to do!