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Friday, July 3, 2009

Lamps and ornaments

I wanted to share a few more ideas with you, first off are my prim jar lamps. I make them every year and they sell very well for me. These are just the mason jars you buy from Walmart, either size will work. I buy the candle lamp parts and put them together. This year I purchased some old labels from ebay and glued to the front of one of the jars. On the other jar I just put a homespun tie and prim tag with saltbox house and a rusty jingle bell. I had lamps last year made with the Annie tags, the red and white homespun seemed to best seller for me. I filled the lamps with rosehips, pumpkin pods and cinnamon sticks. I even filled some with the beans. I am thinking of trying to match some of the prim labels off of ebay with the real item in the jars. I have several that say beans. So am going to go to Winn Dixie and buy some assorted beans and fill the jars

Next I made some little mouse ornaments from felt. I handstitched the stockings and mice together. Embroidered a little nose and french knots for eyes. I used heavy linen thread for the whiskers. Last year I sold over 50 of these between 2 shows. People were asking for more.
Next, is one of my all time favorite patterns. I bought this pattern off ebay, ( I bet you can tell I shop alot online) from the seller Oodlekadoodle (her ebay name). She has a pattern called Old Barn Cats and I shrunk it down to ornament size. The original size is about 10" tall. I made a lot of the bigger ones and placed them in a basket and put a size on the basket that said "Orphan Cats" Need a good home. Everybody loved them. They are so prim looking, so if you are interested in the pattern email her at:

Well, I tackled my craft room today, I had boxes overrrunning my house. I couldn't hardly walk into my sewing room, had a small path and that was it. My daughter shuts the door to that room every time one of her friends comes over. She is so embarassed by the clutter. She can't understand why I don't organize it. She is having a big pool party tomorrow, so me and my husband are banished from the house tomorrow for a while. So I guess, we will be going shopping, probably stopping by Joann's fabrics and Michaels and then the mall.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.


  1. You have so many great ideas...I like your Christmas in fun. Dianntha

  2. What great things you are making0 should have successful shows!

  3. I LOVE your Christmas in July! Your ideas are really cute too. Thank you for sharing them!


  4. I love everything. Nice work! The candles are really nice. I love the mice and cats. Kim