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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Candles and Beeswax ornaments

I wanted to share some more of the items I am getting done for the upcoming Christmas season. I sure wish it was the winter time again, it was up in the high 90's today and wouldn't you know it, our brand new a/c isn't working, putting out hot air instead of cold.

First up is our Crow Shutter, we made these last year and they were a hit. We took a simple shutter we purchased from, made a crow with a Santa hat. Painted and distressed the crow and glue to shutter. Just add some greenery and a prim tag. Great for all those crow lover's out there.

Next, I decided to do something I haven't done in several years. I had quite a few of those boxes of emergency candles laying around. I wanted to use some of things I have instead of buying more to work with this year. So I melted my gulf wax (that I purchased at Winn Dixie in the canning dept) added some cocoa and brown liquid candle dye, your choice of scent and some cinnamon. Let it sit for a few minutes, then dipped my candles using tweezers, holding onto the wick. As soon as you dip, place candle immediately in iced water, this sets it right away, dip again and repeat process as desired. I then rolled the candles in a dry mixture of cinnamon and cloves.

For selling them or display, I tied 3 together with stained cheesecloth, added a sprig of cedar and red berries. Finished it off with a prim tag that says "Merry Christmas" I sell these for $2.95.

I was having fun making the candles and the kitchen was already a mess, so I decided to get out my beeswax, melted it and added dark brown coloring. I had purchased a Santa mold last year from ebay and gave it try. I love the way they turned out. Rubbed them with cinnamon. Very prim looking.

Next, I found my prairie doll beeswax molds and pour the same beeswax that I used for the Santa's. After they were set up and out of mold, I took a thin needle and gently ran through the top of head to place a thin piece of thread for hanging. I rubbed lots of cinnamon in these to prim them up.

Last I made the bells from a mold I had purchased also from ebay last year. Never did have time to really use them last year. I made the bells, rubbed the cinnamon in them. I am going to place in a small wooden bowl, with stained cheesecloth, cedar sprigs and red berries, with a tag that also says "Merry Christmas"

I hope you all enjoy looking at these projects, I am trying to use up a lot of the craft supplies that I have been collecting for several years now. I have wooden bowls, wax, wood boxes, candle lights, you name, you can probably find it in my shed.

Well, I guess it is time to get back to work. I have lots more I hope to get done before bedtime.


  1. Love all of your crafts. As for the weather, here in SW Pennsylvania, tonite's temp is 56 degrees.It was only 70 degrees today with rain and clouds all week. The say nice weather for the weekend......Hope so because I do believe this is JULY!
    Have a safe holiday!

  2. wow!! I love all of it!! The shutter with the crow is fantastic!! I can see it in my dining room :) I love the candles. Nice work!! You've been busy, Kim

  3. Wow Sandy! You are so talented!! Thank you for sharing your craft show items with many wonderful ideas. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Donna, Ebay ID: countercrafts,