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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garlands for your Christmas Tree

Today was kind of a lazy day, didn't get too much crafting done. My daughter and husband were both home today for a change. One of them is usually working. My daughter worked on some of the beaded garlands pictured here. I make these every year and continue to sell out of them. I use 5 different colors that all coordinate.
I know you all have seen the red bead garland that Walmart has every Christmas in the decorations row. It sells for around $3.00. I take the garland, cut the string and separate the beads in half . Have a plastic cup or contained there to capture the beads and to help keep them separated. Gather up the fabrics you want to use, tear them into strips about 1" wide as long as width. I usually use fabric that is 36" wide. Then take a long piece of jute at least 6 ft. long. Tie a knot in one end, so the bead doesn't come off. Slide a wood bead on, then tie a piece of the fabric around the jute, trim to size you want, then continue to string a bead, fabric and so on till you get to the end of the beads. Tie it off in a knot and perfect for hanging on your tree or across a mantle. The finished size is approx. 4 feet long.

Another idea is to use the light garlands that you put on your tree. I like to use the 20 bulb garlands. Just decide on how many colors you want and tie the string ties around the cord in between each bulb, usually it takes about 6 ties between bulbs. These are really pretty when you light them up.
I package these up in zip bag with a header stating the length and usually have a tree set up with several winding around the trees. I sell the beaded garlands for $9.95 and the lighted garlands for $12.95.



  1. I just happen to have some leftover beads and loads of fabric. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. That is such a neat idea. I want to try it if I can ever find the 'tall, skinny' stick tree that I want. I don't know if that's what their called but its what DH calls them. I want one I can display all year around to decorate for the different seasons.


  3. Great garland ideas!Thanks for sharing!