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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Craftin again

Well, it has been a month since my mom died. It is getting some easier, still when I think of her, I get tears in my eyes. I got a lot of her old books and fabrics and been finding some little notes of hers tucked here and there. Like my dad said "Life goes on". He is doing a little better now. I am trying to talk him to go back up north to visit his sister and few of the relatives he has left, not having much luck, he doesn't want to leave his little poodle. Even though I have said I will take care of him.
Well, I finally got my new patterns finished like I want them to be. I had to get back to work, I was getting behind and I needed something to help me get my mind off my mom.
I got busy this week and made some of the feedsack pillows, I used the feedsack images from Ewe n me printables. I have about 25 of them made so far, I am stuffing them with sawdust, these sell very well for me at the shows. Luckily my friend Carmen and her husband do a lot of woodwork and save me the sawdust. The reindeer ones sells really well at Christmas. Being stuffed with the sawdust gives them a nice weight.
I made over 100 of the bottlecap ornaments/tags this week. I also used several of the images from Ewe'n'me printables. I package them in the little zip bags I get at Walmart and they fit perfectly.

I wanted more than just the two little reindeer I had in the previous post so I added a wreath size reindeer, This pattern is called Santa's Reindeer, there are 3 different sizes to this pattern. Ornament, plant poke and wreath size. These I hope are going to be big sellers for me at the show, they make up so quick.

this is another new pattern, on the last post I had only made the Santa made in the cone, so I made a snowman to go with him. These are made on the paper mache`cones. These also seem to make up very quickly. I am trying to make a lot of smaller priced items this year.

Christmas Santa's pattern, these are done on the wooden bobbins, 2 different sizes and the small santa is made on a wooden clothespin. These make up pretty quick. NO body to sew and stuff. The bobbins I have been buying off of ebay.

I am sending the pictures to my webmaster this weekend, so hopefully they will be on the site this week sometime. The New Country Sampler will be coming out sometime in may, I will have an ad for You are Special and the Olde Country Cupboard in that issue. This will be the June/July issue. It is so hard to believe that the year is flying by so fast. I already have the contract for the Christmas issue of Country Sampler. So have to busy and get those items made up and ready to go.
This has been a busy week, getting all my new stuff made, my daughter has gotten a new job. She was working at CVS, she had been there for 2 years and they kept cutting hours, she was only getting about 10-15 hours a week, so a friend of hers, got her a job at the Chevy-Dodge dealership. The only problem, I have with it is, that she will have to drive to Jacksonville and Gainesville area and deliver parts. I don't like the idea of her out driving like that. but I guess I have to get used to it, she is almost 19. This will be a full time job for her plus a 30 cent an hour raise. I sure miss the days, when she was little and I knew where she was at all times. Luckily she still lives at home, but has informed me, she wants a pool party tonight and I have to disappear. Good thing I bought a bunch of books, to keep my in room tonight as her dad is working nightshift. So thanks for listening to me and check out my friends new blog at


  1. Wow Sandy, I just don't know how you do it! I love everything you make.. you have great ideas. I know I will be ordering more patterns. I just bought a bunch of the bobbins at a garage sale so I know I have to have the pattern for those Santas.. you best get busy and make snowmen to match..LOL! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Hi Sandy :) Sweetie I seen that you joined my blog & I thought well I will come on over, and see your blog :) Honey I didn't know that your Mom passed away :( I'm so sorry honey! I lost my Mom 3 months ago, and I have good days, and bad days. If you EVER EVER need to talk honey you email me ok. I know EXACTLY what you are feeling. Love ya & I will keep you in my prayers & thoughts. Deb