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Thursday, April 16, 2009

New patterns

Well, I have trying to get back to work this week. It has been so hard, thinking about my mom and then that starts me crying. But I know that I have to accept it. Trying to spend time with my dad everyday now, he is so lonesome and lost without her. But a few friends are starting to ask him to go with them places. He doesn't really want to leave the house yet, but is forcing himself to. I guess it will take us all a lot time to get back to normal living again.
Well, I am still looking forward to Christmas as you can see from the new patterns I designed this week. In the first picture , this one is called Holiday St. Nicks: the one santa is made in a cone and the other one is made on a bobbin. Both are super easy to do. the second one I am calling Santa's Reindeer, so many have ask for the pattern version of this after seeing my picture on one of my earlier blogs, I made 2 different sizes of theses and absolutely love them. They make up extremely quick.

This last pattern I made up last night about midnight, couldn't sleep. Waiting on my daughter to come up from a date. I call this pattern "In flight". I guess I am into reindeer this year. I am trying to make patterns that are simple and quick, for the shows this year.

I guess I am definitely in the War Eagle show this year. Hoping it is as good as I have heard. We will have to travel a good ways for that one. I can't wait. I wanted to try something new this year and I guess this one is going to be it. I am going to redo my booth design somewhat. I like my overall look, but it is so heavy to lift. It will be just my husband and I doing the shows this year. My daughter who is almost 19, doesn't want to do the shows any longer, she works at CVS and goes part time to college and a busy social life. Going to miss having her with us, she was always my cash register person.
Well, let me know if you like my new patterns, they should be up on the website this week sometime.

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  1. Hi Sandy!I want to first let you know how very sadden I am to learn of your Mom's passing. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you....and whenever you feel a warm gentle breeze brush up against your cheek, tis your Mom blowing you kisses from heaven.
    I also wanted to let you know how wonderful it was for me to find your blog!! :) I'll keep checking you website, as I just HAVE to get that absolutely adorable new wee Santa pattern. You are so very talented!! Blessings, Alexandria aka Northwindstar