You are Special Patterns

Monday, May 6, 2013

 I am still sewing, but not getting as much done as I would like to. I have a new little Annie doll that I finished up a little while ago. I call  her feed sack Annie, the graphics come in the pattern, She has been a good seller for me. I am still using lots of feed sacks on my dolls.
I go for my last chemo treatment tomorrow. I have another pet scan in July, the week before Samantha's baby is born. So depending on whether they find any more activity or not, I may go to yearly visits. I am not curable, but treatable. So, if this next pet scan doesn't anything, they will wait and see if my symptoms come back. It will be a watch and wait. While I will thrilled to be done with chemo and pet/scans, I will also, miss getting that reassurance, I get with the pet scans.
This weekend, I get to meet a friend who I have known through phone calls and face book for several years.  Lesa Soetz and her hubby Paul will be coming and staying several days.We plan on a trip to Disney and St. Augustine.  We plan on meeting up my friend Becky at Disney. Hoping to go to some thrift stores and shopping, while she is here.
Samantha is doing great,won't be long till baby Chloe is here.  We are having her baby shower June 8th, time is sure flying by.  Having fun looking at baby clothes and toys, she is going to be a spoiled rotten little girl.

Samantha's new pattern is called Teddy bear, he  is a little distressed bear and comes with a pillow that is printed on muslin.
A big bunch of dolls, I got finished up for a shop.  I wish I would have kept track of all the dolls I have made this year. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I finally am updating my blog, I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth at times.  Our wholesale group on facebook keeps Samantha and I really busy.  Last year was one of the busiest I have ever had with my sewing
  I did manage to get a couple of new patterns ready.  The Raggedy above is called My Olde Raggedy, she is approx. 27" tall. There is a link on the side bar to purchase e-patterns.

This pattern is anew from Samantha's pattern line called  #221  My Ol' Bear. he is approx. 10" sitting. Link on the side bar to purchase.  Bears have been really popular for us last year and so far this year.
#472 My little Bears are approx. 14"-15' tall and made from plush felt. The Panda Bears have been a big hit this past year. so look for a few more panda bear patterns to show up.

Well, we have some good news to share, hubby and I are going to be first time grandparents in July. Our baby is having her first child. We will find out the sex next month. Samantha is planning a gender reveal party.  So I have some showers and a party in the near future.

Well, I am hoping to get back to blogging, I miss all my blogging friends, and i want to thank everyone who has been checking up on me. I am in remission right now. I go back on the 18th of March for another pet/scan and I know I have one more round of chemo to go through in April. So hoping that they don't find anything else.  So it will be a stressful month coming up, but staying extremely busy and trying not too think too hard about what ifs.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Things I have been working on.

Well, I did it, I sent in my cancellation for my big 3 day show this year. I have done this show for 21 years. I felt sad, doing it, but need to move on to other things. I will be starting my chemo again in October or November, I go to my doctor Monday for a port flush and will find out, when.  

But I am still doing my favorite one day show and found another one day show, hours are only 9-4 so hoping that will be a new show for the coming years.

Been really busy making my items for the wholesale orders.  Don't seem to have any spare time right now.  
Here are a few of the items I have been working on. These Santa ornaments are below on the free pattern download. This is oldie but goodie.

I think I have made hundred of these Santa ornaments, this pattern is also on free pattern download at the bottom of the page.

I took one of the little mice I have been making and put him on a wooden spool and have already pre-sold about 50 of these guys.

These have been selling really well for me also, my #456 Holiday bobbins, I had to order more bobbins and some of the bobbins are getting harder to find.

Working on reindeer ornaments, as you probably tell, ornaments are selling like crazy.
I found some burlap printed fabric at Joann's and made up a prim stocking. These have been selling like crazy. Burlap seems to be everywhere this year.
Well, this is a short post, just wanted to share a few items I have been making lately.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where have I been

Where have I been, I feel like I have fell off the face of the earth.  Had a lot of medical issues to get through these past few months.  I had all my regular checkups, some problems, ended up having to go for pelvic and internal ultasounds. Luckily all they found was a big fibroid.  I can live with that. Then had my mammogram, regular checkup, colonoscopy, and all came back normal. But then all of a sudden a big growth appeared and grew and grew and I knew it was something. Had to find another doctor, a dermatologist and found out I had a squamous cell and a basil cell cancer on my nose and leg.  Had to have the mohrs surgery to remove them.  Now ffinally feeling a little bit back to normal. No more doctors for a couple of months thank GOD.
I have gotten so far behind on my orders and now trying desparately to get caught up. The wholesale group has far surpassed my expectations. We are still looking for any crafters that may want to join our group on facebook. The only items we are not accepting are candles, tarts and wood signs, so if you are a fabric artist or do something a little different, please contact me. So many of our sellers are so booked up, we are always look for new sellers. 

Now I did manage to get a new pattern ready. I call this one Homespun Christmas
I will have it on the side bar if you are interested in purchasing. It is $6.00 for the e-pattern and $7.95 mailed.
Here a  few pics of the some of the items I have been working on lately. These are from my You are Specialpattern pattern line. This is the one #318 Hannah's Christmas tree. Sold quite a few of these.

I have sold a ton of these Santa ornaments, the pattern for the freebie is all the way at the bottom of the page if  you want to download it.

I made more of the snowman nodders, pattern by Sassafras Hills Primitives. These have been really good sellers for me at the shows.

Well, I am cutting out my big 3-day show that I have done since it started, over 21 years ago. Makes me sound old.  But can't do it this year, so keeping my one day show at McIntosh and going to try one more one day show a friend, told me about. Just sent in the application and will let you know more about it, if I can get it. It is only 9-4 on one Saturday. I love one day shows.  

Thanks so much to everyone that emailed me and wanted to check up me. I am hoping to be blog a little more often now, that my doctor's appointments are all over with for a while. I will start my chemo sessions back up in Oct/Nov.  So I am going to try to get caught up and enjoy not having to go to the doctors.