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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where Have I been.

It has been way too long since I last posted.  I have been working hard on the wholesale site. Things are going great. We have a great group of sellers and buyers.  We are now having to limit the sellers, but if anyone is interested, please contact me and send pics of the items you want to sell. Of course, we are still looking for buyers, just need a valid tax Id, and shop/business name, address and we can set up with our facebook group or a page that Samantha and I have created for non-facebook users.  Just contact me or Samantha for info.
The bears above made from a Sweet Meadows farm pattern have been selling like crazy. Luckily a friend had some bolts of kunin shaggy felt, she never used and sold it me.  I should have enough felt to make tons of the bears now.
I have already started offering some of my fall stuff on the wholesale site, these pumpkins w/crows have sold really well.  These are made from a pattern by Chestnut Junction.  It is hard to believe that fall will be here in about 5 months from now.

This little Annie has also been a great seller for me.  She has the feedsack pillow and apron, I then found a pig tag that matches the pillow.
I started my cancer treatments again, last Tuesday.  Tuesday was a total waste for me. It took about  4 hours to get my treatment, then afterwards, so tired, I had to sleep most of the afternoon and evening.  I have 3 more to go in this round.  So hoping I won't have to have them again for another 6 months. That seems to be my schedule now, pet/scan and treatments 6 months apart.  The worst part, October will be the next time, that is show time. It seems like that time of year for the last 2 years have been the hardest for me, taking the treatments and trying to do my shows.  I have cut down to only 2 shows this year. My favorite one day show MacIntosh and the 3 day show in Jacksonville.  With the wholesale going so well, it is going to be a struggle to get enough made for the shows this year.

Well, I have the evening to myself now.  Time to get stitching again. Our Walmart finally has fabric back in, they still haven't gotten it all, still some empty shelves, but am happy to see the $1.50 and $2.00 a bolt fabric up there. 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


  1. congrats on the wholesale site, love the pumpkins & the Annie is adorable, you always inspire me to stay at creating, prayers & hugs always for continual strength & healing

  2. Sandy...
    You know I am one of your biggest fans. I am sending prayers and some warm fuzzies for you and your continued recovery. Congrats to you and Samantha on the wholesale site. Can't wait to see you in Jax and chat a while!

    Darlene xxoo

  3. Hi Sandy~
    so glad the wholesale site is going well and appreciate being included and for all of your help!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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