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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Samantha's Giveaway

I don't know where this past week has gone. We waited until the last minute to get our shopping done. Then we had a bake day. My "second" mom came and helped us, and my daughter's friend, Casey and her 4 year old came over to help. We made rum balls, cookies, date rolls, fudge, banana bread, chocolate cupcakes and peppermint bark. Neighbors all got some goodies.

Samantha is doing her giveaway this week, be sure to enter, she has 3 items she is giving away. She is giving away a bunch of tarts lollipops and room spray, a country apron and some 2 oz. tarts. Forgot to add that she is also doing a free e-pattern to anyone that leaves a comment or joins the blog for the first time. Just send her an email with your free pattern choice off her website:
Click here to go to her blog for details. She is trying to figure out a new name for her business. Her tarts have done so well this year, I think she may be going to expand that line and just do a few aprons here and there. All of her friends and family have been getting her tarts warmers and tarts for Christmas presents this year. Everyone seems to really like the tarts and sprays this year. Even our mailman is buying warmers and tarts from her. He said he liked the way the packages smelled when he picked them up from her house.

I have been busy finishing up last minute orders. I finally finished the last dolls yesterday and they are now delivered.

I will be doing my giveaway the first of year. Just lost track of time and didn't get half as much done as I would have liked. We are looking into doing a spring show in Mount Dora this year. So should be back to sewing and getting some new patterns up.

Remember check out Samantha's giveaway and help her with a new name for her candle line.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Sandy! I didn't get all my cards out-you might get it after the first of the year the way things are going! (lol)
    Sounds like your girls never have a moment without doing something! I'm heading over to Samantha's blog!
    Take care and wishing you peace and good health in the New Year!
    hugz to you~

  2. Hi, Sandy:
    My head is spinning from all of the baking going on in BlogLand homes. You must have had a really nice day baking with everyone that came over.
    That's so awesome what the mailman said about
    Samantha's packages smelling so good. And those tarts are awesome, they fill our entire living room with scent. We love them although we are getting low!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,
    please don't work too hard. I've had a wonderful year blogging and you were one of the very first blogs I started following.

  3. I had to chuckle about even the postman getting tarts and warmers, I'm sure they did smell wonderful as he had them in his vehicle, haha!

    That's wonderful that she has been doing so well with them this year. Good for her!