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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another week gone by

Another week gone by, I can't believe I haven't posted in a week. But been so busy trying to get orders done. I still have 2 sets of pumpkins to get finished by Tuesday. I have been working on some of Carmen's patterns from The Olde Farmhouse road. This one is called Mammy's Olde grey goose. I loved making her. the only thing I did different was put an eyelid on her eyes. I still can't paint the eyes. I used fabric strips to stuff the bottom of the doll. So she is nice and heavy.

Next, trying to finish up some doll bodies, this doll had been lying around for about 2 years now. Finally finished painting her black and added some clothes. You can probably see, that I am using a lot of red checked fabrics. I am trying to use up some of my fabric stash.

Next I made up some of Carmen's Annie Vacuum covers. I used an old feed sack that I had gotten off ebay awhile back from Park designs. Fits her perfectly.

This one I stained a little more in the face. I put an old towel with her.

If you are interested in any of these patterns, I have them on my website under The Olde Farmhouse Road patterns or you can go to Carmen's site and purchase them from her.

If everything goes as planned, Carmen and I should be taking off Thursday on a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas with Samantha and some of her friends. I am keeping an eye on the weather, to see if any tropical storms are making up. So trying to get finished up with orders and get everything ready, only a few days left to go.

Well, I had better get back to sewing, I have several Annie bodies, trying to get dressed. True Blood comes on at 9:00 and I want to have everything stitched, so I can sew and watch TV.


  1. Wonderful dolls, I think the last one is my favorite, like the darker prim look and that sack apron.


  2. Hey Sandy, I just love those dolls, I hope you have a great time on your cruise. I sure missed you not posting this week. I know your busy, but miss it. I was getting worried about you. Glad everything is okay and your just busy sewing. Have a great week.
    Pat Vinson

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Goodness you have such detail in those dolls. Great work.

  4. Love your dollies, Sandy - especially those mammies!!! They make me giggle!! Hope you get everything done you want to....and more than that, I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, time on your vacation!! WooHoo!!! What fun to spend it with your daughter and her friends!! Safe travels!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I love the scarcrow patterns and will have to check and see if I already bought them :)
    Love the dolls too...I am NOT good at painting faces and I guess that is why I like to make the pioneer face to worry about. Have a good time on your vacation and will be praying for good weather for you :)
    Nancy from insidenanashead

  6. Wonderful dolls! Those mammys are so darn cute!
    Have a blast on your little vacations!
    Sounds like it could be a good time!
    Prim Blessings

  7. great job as always, I pulled out the pattern for the one with the goose 'again" lol we're still dealing with tornado damage & first one thing & another but I have her schuduled to be made the last week of Sept ha!

  8. Beautiful dolls they all look great. Have a great time.

  9. These little girls you are making are so so cute, love them!!