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Monday, July 18, 2011

Working on mice this weekend

I been working on mice this past weekend. where does the time go. I did nothing but worry all day Saturday and night. My daughters big dog Hurley was here and I hear this awful screaming, look out and Hurley has a little gray kitten in her jaws. Hurley is a mixture of pit bull and bull dog. I get the dog to drop the kitten and the kitten of course takes off. She went about 30 feet up a straight skinny tree. Wasn't sure how badly she was hurt. But she is wild, and scared and couldn't figure out how to get her down. This happened about 2:00 in the afternoon. Samantha and Chris show up at 9:00 that night to get their dogs. I told them what happened. Chris gets the bright idea to shake the tree, and of course have it fall into a sheet Samantha and I are holding. Did I say that is dark out. Well, of course, that didn't work. Told him I didn't think it would. Just made the kitten go higher. But about 2:00 went back out and shown the spotlight on the tree and kitten is gone. So hoping she climbed down, rather than falling.So maybe the shaking, made her realize she could climb or scared her half to death. But at least she got down and I could stop worrying. It is out of my hands now. But I can't stand the thought of a injured animal and a scared little one at that. Todd was even going to try using his tree climber stakes for his boots, he was worried too. But I didn't get anything done that day for worrying.

But I did get an older pattern by Kentucky Primitives, made up some of these little mice. I love them. Had seen these for years and never made them. I think it might be a mice Christmas this year. We took the dogs walking and did my search for sticks along the way.

Then I got some mouse traps, that I purchased from Walmart and made some mice to go the mousetraps.I took styrofoam and cut it to the shape of a wedge of cheese, then painted with a dark golden yellow color. As they were drying sprinkled a little cinnamon on them to grunge them up.

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hope you all have a great day, and check out Samantha's new freebie snowman pattern.


  1. Your mice are adorable! :) What a fun Christmas decoration.

  2. Darling mice!! Who'd of thought mice could be cute??! Sorry to hear about your trauma....I would have been beside myself as well. Hopefully the kitten is ok....I'll say a little prayer for him. Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. LOVE those cute mouseys!!! I would have been worried for the kitten too, glad to hear it got down:)

  4. Love the mice, those are so fun and the mousetraps are a creative idea.
    Poor kitty, but hard when they are wild like that.


  5. Wow, are those mice SWEET!

  6. I love these. Both are amazing. Do you sell them here somewhere.

  7. Mice will not be on my Christmas crafts this year - we are having a huge mouse plaque in southern NSW Australia - and they are anything but nice ... would prefer to have your type, he he

  8. Wow, do I ever love those mice, how cute! I am sorry about the kitty. I hope you are feeling better Sandy, bunches of hugs, Lecia

  9. Those mice are to cute.

  10. Hey why don't you just get some of those "Mouse Motels" and leave a little piece of his scarf sticking out of it and SAY there is a handmade Christmas mouse in there, that would make up quick and easy! LOL.. later,Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee2!

  11. Thanks for such a neat blog. I can't wait to start on all the projects I find here. It's nice that there is someone that will share.