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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Working on more dolls

Well, still nothing really new on Carmen's condition. They are having to monitor her for the infection. It looks like they are worried it may affect her heart. She is having a hard time, really depressed. Especially since she has no family up there with her. We are still planning on go up there on Monday to check on her and take her a care package. But she still has a long healing time ahead of her. Thanks again for everyone's well wishes and prayers. I have been working on some more of the Colonial blessings vacuum cover dolls, I love this pattern. I did 1 in shades of a mustard plaid, and the other in a gold & tan plaid. I have this pattern in e-pattern form now. I will be selling it for Carmen until she is able to get back to her computer. So if you are interested, just check on the side bar and you will be able to purchase the e-pattern here for $6.00.

Do you ever have a pattern that you absolutely hate to make. I have made so many of these, I cringe when I get an order. The sad thing is, they are really easy to make. But I had to force myself to get this Raggedy couple done for an order. I always like them, when they are finished. This is from my You are Special line, #298 Raggedy Couple. I still have quite a few finished orders to get done. Then hoping I can get back to designing and sewing up some new stuff.

Well that is all for now, if I hear anything more on Carmen, I will keep you posted.


  1. Thank you for the update on Carmen! Still thinking and praying for her. Love your dolls!!


  2. Thanks for letting us know more about
    Carmen...I hope she improves fast. I
    hope you are doing better, as well.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Hugs, and Prayers for Carmen.
    I hope she heals fast. Shes' so lucky to have you for a friend.
    Thanks for the update. We do care, and are praying for her. You take care Sandy. You are in my prayers too!

  4. Hi Sandy, Thanks for keeping us updated on Carmen, I am going to call her after dinner!
    How much is it for a finished doll using the pattern you are using for Carmen until she gets well,right now I can't sew due to my ailments, and I may have a few friends that might want to buy for a good cause....THANKS! Kimmy

  5. Hugs and Prayers for Carmen ! Im with ya , on the few things you cringe to sew Im like that with doll bodies , but once I get to giving them all their own personalities I get over the cringe quickly! Hope you enjoy your weekend! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  6. Hi,Sandy...
    I haven't been online in a while, I just
    heard about your friend, Carmen. You are
    both having a very difficult and challenging
    time in your life. I will add her to my
    prayers for you. About the dolls, I think
    you do very well creating the images and I was
    wondering why you "cringe" about making some?
    You are so good at everything you make.
    Warmest Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  7. You know I love your dolls. These are awesome! I will pray for Carmen. Lecia

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for the updates about Carmen. Please let her know all her blog friends are thinking of her and praying she gets better soon.
    Your a great friend to take on her pattern sales and keeping in touch with her while she is in the hospital.